Sep 30, 2013

Monthly Movie Recap - September 2013

Well, not a whole lot of movie watching this past month. Mainly due to me spending a lot of movie time watching season 1 of American Horror Story and getting blown away and/or obsessed with it. If you haven't seen it, I can't recommend it highly enough. Although, it's not for everyone.

Also, this is up a day early due to the Countdown to Halloween starting (officially) tomorrow!

I'm a little on the fence with this one. If I had caught it in theaters I think I would have been a little let down with it. But having seen it at home, I really enjoyed it! I think it's pretty ballsy of them to put out a different kind of zombie movie at a time when zombies are at their mass media peek.

Cool: Telling a story from the zombie's point of view makes for some original humor
Lame: The effects for the "Boners" aren't great but they do look a bit Harryhausen-esque so it's not all bad
Rating: 6.5/10

I almost always see Pixar movies when they're released (excepting anything in the Cars-verse) but somehow this one slipped by me. I'd been hearing for years how awesome just the first 10 minutes of Up are and I wasn't let down. Why they hell aren't these people writing for live action?

Cool: The character work is amazing, you really get attached to them; Squirrel!
Lame: Me, for not seeing this sooner!
Rating: 8.5/10

Wizard of Oz (1939) IMAX 3D
To celebrate its 75th Anniversary, we're off to see the Wizard in IMAX 3D! Considering how old the movie is and that it was a post conversion, I thought it looked great. Better in some places than others but I really feel they did the best with what they had. It's a little weird watching this after seeing Oz: The Great & Powerful. Did he know he was sending Dorothy to kill his ex when he asked for her broom?

Cool: They added depth to all those flat backdrops; I'm still blown away by the production design
Lame: Being in IMAX, you can see some of the prosthetic makeup work that you've never noticed before
Rating: 9/10

World War Z (2013)
One of the best things I can say about this is that it wasn't as bad as I was expecting. I am still a bit annoyed they didn't do more of an adaptation of the book but on the other hand it's so huge in scope it would take several movies to do it justice. They got a little tiny bit of it in here.

Cool: When there's action, it grabs you and pulls you along
In-Between: I didn't really notice the lack of gore in this PG13 movie until I stopped to think about it
Lame: I don't mind fast zombies but when they swarm it's obvious they're repeating CG models in the crowds; Don't like the way the zombies twitch, it looks too weird.
Rating: 5.5/10

Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyon
The best thing I can say about this is that it's not the worst movie I've ever seen. The trailer tells you pretty much everything you need to know about it except that it takes way too long trying to establish the people as characters.

Cool: Buyan is a dude in a suit, it may not look great close up but I have to give them props for practical makeup
Lame: Oh, where to start? Overuse of bad CGI/green screening, gore that looks like it's from a video game, "acting"
Rating: 3.5/10, so bad it's good but force some friends to watch with you!

Month Total
 New:4; Rewatch: 1

Year to Date
New: 63, Rewatch:2

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