Sep 9, 2013

Monday Miscellany

Sometimes you spend your free brain time over the weekend racking it for something to blog about. I'm prodding myself in the direction of coming up with something occasionally that doesn't involve me trying to setup and photograph small things. I love taking photos but it can be a pain to set up the "studio", and I use that word very loosely.

What did I come up with? Truthfully, nothing very original, just some cool stuff I found around the web. But I figure if you're reading this, we probably share some brain waves and I'll at least allow you to waste some of your day in a fun way. 

Clue the movie cult classic

Buzzfeed has an amazing article about the cult classic Clue. While I love the movie, I've never delved deeply into the behind the scenes or trivia. Two of the things I learned:
  • Carrie Fisher was originally cast as Miss Scarlet
  • Kahn's "flames" speech was only in one of the endings so 2/3 of the people that saw it in the theater didn't see it!
Tommy Day Boxsome trading card sale

Pal of the blog and keeper of Tophat Sasquatch, Tommy Day, is running a 50% off sale on his trading card site Boxsome from now until Wednesday the 11th. Not only can you buy packs of trading cards from the 80s/90s for just $1.50 each but he always throws in some extras like single cards, pogs and stickers. Who doesn't love getting nostalgia-y goodness?

If you need to be taken back to those childhood days of opening a pack of cards and inhaling that unforgettable scent of the included stick of gum, this is worth every penny! Personally, I would not recommend eating the gum. In one of the packs I opened, it was a little moldy...or something. Maybe it was mutating, I'm not sure. It was from a Dinosaurs Attack! pack so maybe it picked something up from the Timescanning process.

If you love Star Wars but just don't have the time to watch it, check out this video which nicely summarizes the film in 60 seconds. Although you may have to go back and watch it a few times to catch everything because it moves so fast and there's a lot going on!

Wizard of Oz 75th anniversary

Lastly, Warner Brothers has all sorts of things brewing for the 75th Anniversary celebration of The Wizard of Oz (Happy Meals!). When you ask me to list favorite movies I probably won't site this one and I really should! I saw it in a DLP theater a few years ago when it was released on BluRay and really, there's no home system that can compare to seeing it in a theater with kids and their parents. When you look at some of the pure eye-candy junk that Hollywood turns out these days, you still forget this was made in 1939.
Just goes to show, story matters!

It's coming to IMAX 3D for one week starting September 20th (we've already got our tickets) before the 75th Anniv. Limited Collector's Edition BluRay/DVD set is released. I hate double dipping on movies as much as the next flying monkey but this thing is PACKED!
It's worth it just for that thumb drive (bottom right). Ok, maybe not $80...

There's also a companion book that will have a lot never seen before stuff like Technicolor test frames and costume designs stills as well as some pull out items.
I'm a sucker for those kind of books!



  1. Always liked the movie Clue...more so than the board game that it is based off of lol.

    1. I never liked it much either, kinda boring.

  2. Once again I'm a day late and a dollar short! I've gotta check out that site with trading cards, I saw The Dark Crystal.....

    1. Yeah you missed the sale by a day! Maybe he'll cut you a break being in the League :D