Sep 13, 2013

League Post - Blue

It’s been a while since we've had a photo assignment for the weekly League of Extraordinary Blogger’s challenge. We've done green, and we've done red, so how about this time we do:


And once again, I'm taking a little creative leeway with the topic to line it up with something I was going to blog about anyway. Thanks to Tom Berges and the Facebook group I Grew Up Star Wars, I won a pack of vintage Star Wars trading cards!
It's not much, but it's the little things, right?

If you grew up during the Original Trilogy time, or you just want to see the first generation of Star Wars kids, you should check out the full website for a blast down memory lane.

star wars 1997 trading cards series 5 orange topps

So, this would have been a lot better had it been a pack of Series 1 trading cards because those were the blue cards. This is where I'm kinda stretching things, the wrapper is blue. I'm also using a blue background for bonus points! Although the gum was broken, it was in otherwise decent looking shape. Not moldy like the pieces in the Dinosaurs Attack! packs I got awhile back. Unlike Monica Lewinsky (blue dress!), I did not put it in my mouth. Heeeeyyy-o!

star wars 1997 trading cards series 5 orange topps

Oh, hey, look at that! The cards have a blue star burst in the corner! Series 5 had a lot of behind the scenes type stuff. Probably because they'd already cranked out four other 66 card sets in the same year and needed more material. But that's why this kid loved these cards. Between these and magazines, that was you're only way of getting that kind of info at the time. Card backs are how I learned who the main actors were.

One thing I always found interesting was that they kept the numbering of cards and stickers across the five series instead of starting over at 1 every new series, so these are all up in the 200-300 range.

star wars 1997 trading cards series 5 orange topps

Luke is in a weird pose there (middle) like he's gotta go right now and is trying to hold it. Come to think of it, I don't remember seeing anything that resembled a toilet in Leia's cell on the Death Star. Maybe it's one of those kinda things where it retracts into the wall when you're not using it. File under: things you shouldn't think about.

I tell ya, if the tactile memory of opening a wax pack and the aromatic memory of the gum didn't already take me back to 1977, the feel of the sticker card (right) in my hand really did the trick. Why, the sticker more than the cards themselves? I couldn't say, just something about how the sticker is a different card stock.

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  1. The brevity of this bluish blog-post belies a bit of banter of which it is badly bereft.

    Oh wait, no there was LOTS of banter. Never mind!