Jun 30, 2013

Bicycle Sideshow Freaks Playing Cards

While this isn't exactly breaking news to anyone keeping up with Bicycle, I only recently found out about the new Sideshow Freaks deck debuting tomorrow.

Until recently, I'd mainly been collecting playing card decks with cool art or licensed properties like Indiana Jones and Star Wars. I've managed to find a few Halloween themed decks and even one inspired by Tron. Once you start poking around the web, you realize there are a lot more out there than you could ever imagine! Kickstarter also has a few decks in process at any given time.

Back to the topic at hand, I wanted to share these because I'm fascinated by the old school carnival sideshows, the movie Freaks, and they just look cool!

"With freakshow classics like the bearded lady, contortionists, fire-breather, sword swallower, lobster boy, and more, this deck is bound to be one of your new favorites. What else can you expect? How about unique court cards, a special back design, and a tuck that resembles a circus tent? Assemble the crew—it’s time for a game night under the lights."

If you like the look of these, I suggest heading over to TuckCase.com for a behind the scenes article on their development and design. This deck should be available for order July 1st from the Bicycle Shop (it's ok, it's an online store not a bike shop with a creepy old guy).


  1. I forget how cool and collectible these things are.

    1. They're a great way to collect interesting art and they don't take up much space.