Aug 13, 2012

Mail Order Monday - Cylon Leader (1979)

Battlestar Galactica Gold Cylon Leader mail order ad Mattel 1979

Being a Star Wars kid, I had a short affair with the classic BSG when it aired between movies (none of that Galactica 1980 for me, thank you!). Yes, it was kind of a knock off but I loved it, and still do. Ralph McQuarrie, who created the concept art/look of Star Wars, also worked on concept art for BSG. It's not surprising there was a lawsuit filed by 20th Century Fox for plagiarism and copyright infringement.

I had one of these guys with my other BSG figures: the "regular" silver Cylon and Imperious Leader. I don't remember having any of the good guys so it's not likely I had the 4 proofs of purchase to mail in for it. Goldy here was released in the second wave of carded figures, so I must have gotten him then.

Sure, he's just a repainted regular Cylon but he's the leader. Being the robot that gets to boss around the other robots automatically makes him cooler!

I was lucky enough to visit Universal Studios Hollywood in the early '80s when they still had the Battle of Galactica ride. Even though I was a little older, it was still a very cool experience. You can find out a little more and see a video at Space 1970.

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