Aug 6, 2012

Mailbox Invaders - Tron Figure

A few weeks ago, I posted about TRON turning 30 and my various experiences with aspects of that universe and merchandising. I mentioned I never had any of the Tron toys when they were originally released. So I decided to see what the going rate was, figuring if I couldn't afford an original from the '80s maybe I could snag one of the NECA rereleases from the early '00s inexpensively. I was thrilled I was able to score an original Tron for $10!
Tron action figure by TOMY
The disc glows in the dark!
Tron has the standard 5 points of articulation, the height of early '80s action figure design. But what really makes this line stand out is that they're molded in transclucent plastic. You can't tell from these photos, but he does have molded facial features they're just not painted which kind of gives him an anonymous robot look. The sleek line graphics and the translucency aren't like anything else that was being done with figures at the time so it really gives it that little something extra.
Tron vs Rinzler action figures
Tron vs Rinzler
Another neat feature I've discovered from online research is that the three figures that came with discs were able to wear them on their backs thanks to a tiny connecter. My figure didn't come with one of these, but that's ok. You wouldn't be able to see the disc when the figure's on display that way.
Tron action figure playing lightcycle video game with Atari joystick
Much easier when you're not actually in the lightcycle
There were only four figures released in this line and a couple of ripcord powered lightcycles. I'll probably track the rest of the figures down at some point to have a complete set.


  1. Never had any as a kid but my cousin Charlie did and we played with them often when i would visit him during the summer.

  2. Cant go wrong with translucent plastic! I had the red Warrior as a kid but he split in half a few years after I got him.