Aug 8, 2012

SLUG Zombies Series 2 12-Pack

SLUG zombies series 2 12 pack

After months of only being able to find Series 1 as blind box singles in WalGreens, Series 2 seems to be coming out swinging. People around the web are reporting being able to find Series 2 a-plenty in Target and TRU. The SLUG Zombie site says figures are available in the single blind boxes, clear bubble 3 packs, a 12 pack (above) and with a collector's case (which I haven't found yet) that holds 32 SLUGs and comes with 2 exclusive Glow in the Dark figures. The site also has a downloadable poster showing 100 zombies.

These Scary Little Ugly Guys (SLUGs) are similar to MUSCLE and Monster in My Pocket figures. I'm still can't believe that I never had any Monster in My Pocket. I love monsters and collected lots of Battle Beasts and Z-Bots. Anyway, I wasn't going to get the 12 pack because I didn't like all the figures in it (the figures inside are shown on the back). But seeing as the 3 packs are $4 and the 12 pack is $10, it just made sense and gives me some to trade later.
SLUG zombies series 2 stu b you, jumpshot rot, mashup mike
Stu B. You - Don't think he's anyone in particular but I like the foot in the pot.
Jump-Shot Rot - Bald with a 32 on his jersey.
Mash-Up Mike - Mohawk and plenty of chains. Bio says he's a taxi driver and part-time fighter. Don't pity him!

SLUG zombies series 2 dr outbreak, cleopatra comminatcha, grimm trekker
Dr Outbreak - Reminds me of Bill Nye with his hair and bow tie
Cleopatra Commin'Atcha - Pretty self-explanatory!
Grimm Trekker - My favorite so far. Bought the 12 pack because he was visible in the package.

SLUG zombies series 2 Maximus Cadaverous, Gator Jones, Macho Mangler
Maximus Cadaverous - Yeah, I think he's got a little Kirk Douglas goin on there.
Gator Jones - That's not a knife. This is a knife!
Macho Mangler - Lemme tell you, brother, he's got a mane of hair pulled back under that bandanna. He's a maniac!

SLUG zombies series 2 Andrew Agony, Captain Payback, Teddy Terror
Andrew Agony - What's that racket? He's serving brains!
Captain Payback - Kind of a Stallone/Kurt Russell mashup
Teddy Terror - Reminds me of a vaudville performer, the sunken eye holes are well done.

Even though I don't care for some of these, they have loads of character. There's good detail on them that makes you want to pick them up and inspect them closer all around.

The 12 pack comes with a sheet showing all 16 figures in Series 2 and each character has a little bio next to them which can also be found online. This is where you can tell they're having fun with the line. They could have just made Mash-Up Mike look like Mr T and stopped there. But in his bio they mention he was a taxi driver and fighter. These extra details make the figures that much more fun.

When this line first was on display at Toy Fair, I remember reading there were plans to make SLUG Alien and Monster lines as well, possibly later in the year. Based on what they've done so far, I'm definitely excited to see where they'll take them.


  1. These things have yet to show up in any store near me.

    1. I've been to 3 Targets over the past week and they've all had some. Since they're hitting big box, should just be a matter of time. Seems like just recently Target's put out all the new stuff. They're in the same aisle as Squinkies.

  2. Just opened up my box of these and will be posting on these soon. Am on the look out for Collectors Case that supposed to coming out for these.

    1. There's photos online from Toy Fair. I want to get it more for the Glow in the Dark exclusives.