Aug 10, 2012

League Post - Flash Aa-ah-ssemble!

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The assignment for this week:
Remake one of your favorite movies with a cast of current Hollywood stars.
I admit, I struggled with this one to the point of almost skipping out this week. I'm not so in tune with Hollywood that I necessarily know who the hot actors are right now that would make this project work. But once I stumbled on to Flash Gordon and recast the lead, the rest of the cast just kind of...Assembled. So, in honor of our movie hero, I took that ball and ran it all the way downfield!
You'll have to bear with me. I didn't have the time to make up fancy graphics showing the original actors with their reboot counterparts.

Flash (Ahh-ahhh!)
At first I went with who is seeming to be the League's go to guy for these reboots: Chris Hemsworth. But then I thought he's probably too big for this part, literally. Chris Evans on the other hand is ripped but not as physically imposing and we already know he can pull off the All American Guy.

Dale Arden
Colbie Smulders, she can do Girl Next Door and kick butt at the same time.

Dr Zarkov
Mark Ruffalo. Could go with Robert Downey Jr., but Ruffalo has got the grounded scientist vibe down without being overly snarky.

Ming the Merciless
Could Tom Hiddleston be made up to convincingly look old enough to pull this off? His daughter is only a few years younger than he is... (Sam Jackson could bring the crazy to this part but I don't think the world is ready for an African American Ming, is it?)

Princess Aura
Sultry seductress? Since there's only 2 main female characters in Avengers, it's got to be Scarlett Johansson. Yeah...definitely not because she would fill this out.

Prince Barin
Could go with Downey or Jeremy Renner here to replace Timothy Dalton. Renner's got the Bourne training but after seeing Downey's Sherlock, I think he could bring the needed swagger to this role. Hiddletson would also be good here, we already know he looks good in green.

Prince Vultan
Yes, we all get a kick out of the jolly flying Brian Blessed but I'm turning this around 360 and going with the God of Thunder himself. I imagine his outfit being very similar to DC's Hawkman but without the helmet. The ladies will love it!

General Klytus
Sam MF Jackson! Who better to play Ming's right hand man? Definitely have to rework/remove the mask so he won't look like Doctor Doom. Picturing Sam playing this mad crazy like the Octopus from The Spirit.

General Thun
Jeremy Renner. It's not a big part but you get to defy Ming's order to kill yourself!

Not sure where, but I'd have to work in a Clark Gregg cameo someplace too.
Maybe as Zarkov's assistant?

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  1. I will watch Scarlett Johanson and Tom Hiddleston in anything.

  2. Full disclosure? I've never seen the Flash Gordon movie. Yeah yeah I know. But from what I gather it's dated incredibly badly and it kind of feels like the moment's passed. Maybe I'll get around to watching it one of these days.

    1. Seeing it when I was 12 it was awesome. No, it hasn't aged well and now it's obviously campy as hell but that's why it's still fun to watch.