Sep 17, 2011

Countdown to Halloween - Monster Kid Music

You know Halloween is coming when you see the cheap seasonal CDs. I got this at Wal-Greens for $1.50. The regular price is $2 but these CDs are 2/$3 so I also got yet another environmental sounds CD.
What made this the CD I had to get?
  • The cover art is fangtastic. It has tributes to all the classic Universal monsters plus a zombie
  • It has a song titled Dinosaur Zombies with Chainsaws
UPDATE: After listening to the CD, I'm quite surprised to say I really enjoyed it! It's not as annoying as most kid targeted music tends to be. The lyrics are clever if not catchy. They even mention the Necronomicon in one song, how many kids' albums do that?
The previously mentioned song 'Dinosaur Zombies with Chainsaws' is not just about those creatures but all sorts of monstrous things with dangerous objects that might be lurking under your bed or in your closet.


  1. I was just searching to see if this had hit retailers yet, and found your mention of Monster Kids Music. Thanks for the kind words -- I wrote the lyrics with the sole intention of appealing to fellow monster kids (hence the mention of Maria Ouspenskaya, Colin Clive, etc.) that it was for kids was secondary.

    I based a few of these (including the Necronomicon mention) on stuff I'd written for my eBook exclusive "Awful Little Things" -- though I had to soften them up a bit so I didn't get yelled at by a bunch of disgruntled parents.

    Thanks again -- I'm glad a monster aficionado dug it! LC.

  2. At a buck twenty five I just might dig this one up.

  3. My single favorite album of all time. I can't find it anywhere, though.

    1. I have seen it in WalGreens again this year.