Sep 26, 2011

Countdown to 10/31 - Trick or Tweet 2011 Giveaway

Welcome to the first ever AEIOU and Sometimes Why 
Trick or Tweet Halloween Giveaway!

From now until October 12th, we'll be giving away some Halloween loot to a few lucky haunters.


This comic donated to us by Strange Kids Club! Click to read all about it
...and a rock
Yes, one lucky winner will be able to utter the immortal phrase "I got a rock."

7 Slow Runners (Up) will get a postcard from Salem MA
with an October cancellation on it.

More info is available by clicking on each prize, except Spooky Towers & Spine Chilling Games.
These two will be handed out as one prize.
These are both punch out activity books. The first has a monster mobile and other fun decorative things to put together. The second has 12 punch-out games and is pretty cool!

The Trick R Treat movie is a DVD, not BluRay.

Things of Grave Importance
  1. Read the rules. Congrats, you are!
  2. Read "How to Enter". Wait, not NOW, finish the Rules first.
  3. There are a total of 8 Grand Ghoul Prizes, 7 Slow Runner (Up) postcards and a rock.
  4. If none of the Grand Prizes (or rock) interest you, you may state that you're only playing for a postcard.
  5. Grand Prizes will only be awarded to US residents. Sorry folks, the contest is out of my pocket. 
  6. Deadline for entries is October 11, 2011, 11:59PM (eastern)
  7. Except as noted above, each image is one prize that will be awarded to one person. You will not win everything shown.
  8. Winners will be randomly drawn and posted on October 12, 2011 but will not know what prize they are getting until it arrives! This is to simulate the dumping out your Trick or Treat bag at the end of the night. 
  9. An additional 3 postcards will be awarded at the discretion of our Headless Comedian for amusing/entertaining/creative comments and/or tweets
  10. Winners will have 3 days to respond. If you don't get back to me by October 15th, the remaining names go into the Headless Comedian's head for another drawing.
  11. All prizes will be mailed by October 22nd at the latest to ensure you get them in time for Halloween. The sooner you reply to your winning notice, the sooner you get it.
  12. This is my first attempt at a contest so don't be surprised if I screw something up or change the rules right in the middle of things.
  13. (Optional) After you get your goodies, send us a photo of you, your child, a pet or a complete stranger with your stuff and we'll post it here. At the very least, check in so I know you got your stuff.
HOW TO ENTER (or shameless self-promotion)
  1. Follow our blog. It's over on the right, there. If you already follow us, count yourself entered, and thank you!
  2. Leave a comment below with something related to Halloween: your favorite Halloween Candy,  costume or story..something to fit the season. Remember, our Headless Comedian is awarding three postcards for interesting comments and/or tweets. It probably won't take much...he's headless!
  3. Also leaving a comment on any Countdown to Halloween post up to October 12th will get you an entry.
  4. Post a link to this contest on your blog, Facebook or other social network site and leave a link to your post in the comments. Please limit to one/day and leave a separate comment for each link you post.
  5. For any comments left below, be sure to you include your email address so you can be reached if you win.
  6. Tweet using #TrickOrTweetGiveaway with a link to this post. Please limit to one/day at the most, your followers will thank you. You can use this link if you like:
  7. From now until October 12th, answer your phone with The Phrase That Pays and you may win a million dollars!1

1 -"Phrase That Pays" varies by market. Check your local radio station for details. AEIOUwhy is not responsible for paying the cash prize.


  1. Finally, an awesome contest! Lollipops have always been my favorite Halloween candy but I digress...
    So last year myself and a group of friends were going through a haunted house. It was about as scary as a box of kittens, mind you. But there's always that ONE person in the group who is always the chicken.
    We were making our way through and she was clinging to all of us, muttering to herself, shaking with fear and we were almost at the end. ALMOST. I could see the light at the literal end of the tunnel. She could've made it a few more steps and everything would have been fine.
    Right as we had came to the very last corner a werewolf jumped out at us! She screamed, proceeded to yell some very tasteful obscenities and ran like a bat out of Hell. When we had all made it outside it became apparent that she had, pardon my French, pissed herself.
    Needless to say, best Halloween EVER! Hope your Headless Comedian gets a kick out of my story! :)

  2. I also Tweeted about your giveaway! :)

  3. kisses! i love chocolate kisses and reese :)
    so last year all i did was knock on white people's doors (since they have the most candy lol) and went to the chocolate factory where unfortunately johney depp wasnt there :( anywho it was fun and and i got a LOT of choclate (gained weight) but was delecious

  4. Following & I sent a tweet! Will do more!

    wings1295 at gmail dot com

  5. And here, O creeps, is my reply
    AEIOU...And Sometimes Why
    A rocking creature with black guitar
    Welcomed me here, but then a star
    From my own childhood glowed in the corner there
    The Jack O'Lantern and Black Cat....BEWARE!
    A special game that all can play
    But please only comment once per day
    A cornucopia of Halloween booty
    Up for grabs, I do my duty
    And comment here for all to see
    Oh Headless Comedian please pick me
    To win a prize, a book or DVD
    OH MY! That vampire he looks so skeevy, he
    Is chasing Dick and Jane in the broad daylight!
    I though that vampires only walk at night
    But his taste for...children(?!)must be severe
    And green shoes running...the raddest footgear
    So here is the end of my comment so wry
    At AEIOU...And Sometimes Why

  6. The above nonsense was written by me, Madbikerteknik who can receive all prize notifications at

  7. You know, I wasn't all that happy with how the Halloween banner came out but now I'm happy I have to keep it, Madbikerteknik.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. The banner is great. Aside from the rockin' creature and Halloween lamp from my childhood it evokes a late 70's early 80's Halloween vibe. I also have the Star Wars record you are holding in the photo. We probably have a lot of shared experiences. I tweeted and posted to Facebook. It would be nice if you could connect with me on those sites at the following:

    Twitter: madbikerteknik

    See you soon online!

  10. Killer schwag!! LOVE the Dick and Jane book!
    Hallowe'en? Why yes, I do bleed orange and black. Thanks for asking. I can't compete with the eloquent poetry of the MadBiker, but I do love Hallowe'en and the best costume I ever wore was a CalTrans(CA Dept of Transportation) highway worker who was run over. I had big tire tracks running across my chest and had lots of appliances to give the appearance of glass in my face and neck. I won three costume contests that year. Better yet, 10 years later, my 12 year old son wore the same exact costume as me and won a contest as well!
    Thanks for the chance to win some awesome goodies!!!

  11. A truly wicKED giveaway. I can recall in my youth when Halloween tended to just be a one day deal and it was over till the next year. Now, with the community at large, I can celebrate to my hearts content. This is truly the best Holiday there is. I want to thank you for the chance at winning some ghoulish goodies and helping me to enjoy this season.

    The article I have posted about this giveaway can be found here

    My email is

    Thanks again!

  12. Cool giveaway!
    Last year I dressed up as a Merlotte's (True Blood) waitress. Since no one goes trick or treating in our concrete fortress, er, I mean condo complex, I went out and gave candy to whoever I saw hanging around (cars stopped at intersections, people getting gas across the street, neighbors). My favorite was when I went to Denny's to pass out candy (the waitress costume was very confusing to people) and two older women were sitting at a table. I said I was reverse trick or treating and one of the women said haughtily "We don't celebrate Halloween." The women across from her gave her a look and told me she'd take her friend's candy too, thank you.
    Definitely a tradition I want to try again this year.

    April (aprilly at gmail dot com)

  13. Sounds like fun so I tweeted posted on my blog and joined yours have a great Halloween season. Ps my favorite candy was the Summit Bar (R.I.P.)
    Bob over at the man cave

    mda4life at yahoo dot com

  14. What a great giveaway!
    My husband and I dressed up as Frankenstein's Monster and his bride last year. We got married last November, so we found it rather fitting! We dressed in costume, got together with some friends, and went cosmic bowling that night. SO much fun! By far the best Halloween ever!

  15. Hey there! This looks like a generous Halloween giveaway. I just mentioned it on my blog:

    I tweeted about it here:!/justine_oct31

    I'm following your blog too!

    For my personal Halloween detail, my favorite Halloween candy is: Reese's Pieces (just like everyone else)

    My email address is:

    I look forward to reading more here! :)

  16. The last time I requested a postcard from someone, it caused a huge earthquake and tsunami in Japan. In true Japanese efficiency, the postcard still arrived 3 days after the quake. Let's see what havok you can muster by sending me a postcard!

  17. Looks like you got some ghouly good times for this year's countdown! Don't panic if your brain starts to turn to mush. That's normal. Usually happens around day 13. Ghoul luck with the contest!

  18. Tweeting your contest today and adding it to my blog again today. Hope it helps you out. Bob at the man cave

  19. My most memorable Halloween: the year I dressed as a gorilla to go trick or treating (a most shabby costume) and nearly got my rump ripped off by a psychotic terrier. The things I was willing to do for candy! These days, I spend Halloween quietly in my room with a stack of horror movies...

  20. Thanks for the postcard. It got to me without any cataclysmic side effects. I'll post a picture later...