Dec 19, 2015

Richard Cheese - The Lounge Awakens

It's holiday gift crunch time!
Star Wars is everywhere but what do you get the Star Wars fan in your life
 that collects everything?

The latest Richard Cheese album is probably something they don't have and you can get it digitally which means no need to worry if you'll get it in time for gift giving.

Cheese is the alter ego (emphasis on the ego) of Mark Jonathan Davis. Cheese is the ultimate lounge singer. He and his band, Lounge Against the Machine, take pop hits and swankify the ever-lovin' heck out of them.

He's not doing this Star Wars inspired album just as an opportune cash grab. He's really a fan of the franchise that works inside jokes into the act that fans will appreciate.

Saunter on over to his Bandcamp page where you can check out the track list, preview a few tracks, and order the album. You won't have a bad feeling about this!

A word of caution:
Although this album is mostly family friendly, his other live albums are definitely not.

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