Dec 16, 2015

Disney Infinity - Zeb Orrelios

Zeb Orrelios is a character from the current Star Wars animated series Rebels. Because I play Disney Infinity on the PC, I rarely buy the figures. I usually buy the character codes from Ebay on the cheap. As Zeb is one of my favorite characters from the show, I had to get him!

Zeb's design is based on one of the original Ralph McQuarrie concepts for Chewbacca.

Zeb is one of the few remaining members of the Lasat species. Their planet was devastated by the Empire, nearly exterminating the entire race.

Here you can see his trademark weapon, a bo-rifle. It can be used as a rifle (duh) and an electrostaff, similar to those carried by the Magnaguards in Revenge of the Sith. Not that he really needs it. Zeb's a very rough and tumble kind of character and has tossed around more than a few stormtroopers.

One of the complaints I hear about Infinity is the cartoon-y translation of the characters into the digital world. Since Zeb is from an animated series already, they didn't change his look too much. For a static figure with zero articulation, they did a great job capturing his character with this figure.

I haven't played him too much in the game yet. I'm hoping they will put out a full Rebels playset at some point so I can play him in his native environment.


  1. I don't play the game but love the concept of these statuettes just for display on my desk at work. And maybe my son will be into it when he's of age and then I'll have my army amassed.

    1. I only have a handful of the figures but they are fun just to have around. I have the two Tron ones they've done and the whole Guardians of the Galaxy crew.