Jun 5, 2013

Star Wars Wednesday - Return of the Jedi Poster Magazine 2

It's funny what a difference 3 years can make. I'm pretty sure I must have had the Empire poster magazines because I recognize the covers. But I distinctly remember each of the
 Jedi ones cover to cover.

Here's the second Jedi poster magazine. Quite the juxtaposition of cover images,
you get cute and cuddly with gross and slimy!

star wars return of the jedi poster magazine wicket ewok jabba the hutt

In this issue, you get to learn all about the making of Ewoks!

star wars return of the jedi poster magazine wicket ewok paploo chirpa logray

And Jabba's court. I thought it was strange that they call the movie Revenge of the Jedi in one place and Return after that. Maybe they need a new editor because the also incorrectly spelled "wookie" and didn't capitalize the f in "force."

star wars return of the jedi poster magazine jabba the hutt boushh carbonite jedi luke rancor gammorean guard


  1. Return of the Jedi was my fave of all the Star Wars flicks, especially the Jabba scenes

    1. It's #3 of the originals for me but that's like saying breathing is my favorite thing after being alive. I hate the musical number update in the Special Edition. Totally changes the tone of the whole thing.



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