Dec 21, 2012

Friday Funnies - Dexverse #6: Farewell to Heroes

Since the last issue of Dexverse came out in May, let me give new visitors the scoop: It's just me talking about and showing off characters I created for MMOs. I found out last week that the sun had set for its last time over Paragon City in City of Heroes at the end of November.

While I haven't played it in a long time, I did play for the first couple years it was around. I played with real life friends. I adventured with a supergroup/guild that was mainly European based (the only time I've ever used voice chat in online gaming). I met lots of other people from around the world . It was a good time.

I wanted to give my own send off to the original superhero MMO, so here's some quick shots of a few more of the characters I created to inhabit that world.

city of heroes nova force

That's Nova Force. Go figure, the name Nova was already taken! She's kinda 90s' in her design. Her powers included gravity manipulation which is why her costume has all those funky lines on it. Her origin (finding part of a meteor that gives her powers) was inspired/stolen from the Zombina and the Skeletones song, Meteorite.

city of heroes jacko lantern

Meet Jacko Lantern, the living pumpkin born from a chemical accident in a pumpkin patch! His body is supposed to be made up from dirt and plants and his head is a pumpkin. He's a Bruiser/tank that wields a giant stone hammer and can light himself on fire.

Now on to a couple of bad guys created for City of Villains.

city of heroes villains necrobella

Necrobella is a bit like Poison Ivy.
She can control plants but can also raise the dead to fight for her.

city of heroes villains psychotron

Finally, we have Psychotron. I created him as the archenemy to Captain Blaze. His is a classic comic origin. He used to be one of the good guys working with Blaze but something went wrong on a mission destroying most of his body. His brain was put into a Terminator-like skeleton and now he's out for vengeance! He's got a multi-function laser rifle and an army of robots to back him up.

Here's Psychotron in the DC Universe game...

DC universe online psychotron cyborg

This will probably be the last issue of Dexverse unless I get roped into another MMO or decide to post more embarrassing superhero art from grade school.

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