Dec 28, 2012

Toon Alert - SheZow

Here's a neat new cartoon I found out about this week.
I don't know if we'll get to see it here in the US but here's a little history on it.

In 2007, Disney aired a series of shorts called "Shorty McShorts' Shorts," one of those shorts was called "SheZow." It's about a boy named Guy that becomes a superhero when he puts on a magic ring he finds in his basement. The twist is that it turns Guy into a female superhero when danger is near and he can't remove the ring.

Fast forward to December 15, 2012. SheZow is now an Australian cartoon series, airing on Network Ten and is planned to run for 26 episodes. Here's the opening...

I've seen the original short and I liked what they did with the concept. It's an interesting idea and a bold step to take a kids cartoon. I don't know how this would fly in the US and frankly I'm a bit surprised it originally aired on Disney. With such specific, but changing, gender marketing here I don't know that studio bigwigs would be able to figure out how to market this to kids...or parents! And which aisle would the toys go in?

WAWProductionsAU has put episode 6 on their YouTube channel. It didn't seem as much fun as the older one I watched but I'm always willing to give cartoons a couple episodes before deciding to stay tuned or not.

Someone has been posting episodes on Dailymotion so you can check out more there! Almost every episode has Guy's friend suit up as some crazy sidekick like Shaverine. Also, if you have an odd aversion to the word "she" do not watch this. At every conceivable turn, they work it in like shemergency. The lair's computer is even named Sheila.

One final word, if you go searching the internets for images of SheZow, make sure your safe filtering is fully on. Otherwise, be ready for some dirty toon images!


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  2. i love this show. so funny. almost stupid. but something new. I heard that the show's followers are called Sheroes.