Dec 8, 2012

SLUG Holiday Zombies - Frozen Fright

SLUG Zombie logo holiday christmas jakks pacific

Today's post was planned in advance and I happened to watch Jack Frost last night. Not the Micheal Keaton one, the one with the killer mutant snowman. They could have put this guy in the movie and it would have made a more convincing snowman.

They say revenge is a dish best served cold and Frozen Fright would probably agree.
He comes packed with Johnny Hammer-Stix and Buck Wilde (no, he's not a porn star).

jakks pacific holiday slug zombie christmas frozen fright snowman frosty
Previous Job: A cumulus cloud
Likes: Skiing & bird watching
Dislikes: Springtime
Favorite Food: Spleen sorbet

Much like Nutty Nate, I'm guessing the zombification process can't happen until the normally inanimate object is brought to life by some holiday magic. But that doesn't explain the ribcage on a snowman!

Could this have been someone in a snowman costume?
Did he eat someone?
Or were the kids that built him anatomy majors?

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