Dec 10, 2012

SLUG Holiday Zombies - Santa Claws

SLUG Zombie logo holiday christmas jakks pacific

Day 10 of Creepmas brings us to the final holiday SLUG Zombie!
He comes packed with Eli the Expired Elf and Gator Jones.

You better watch out  you better not cry,
But if I were you, I'd light up that chimney to get ready for...Santa Claws!

jakks pacific holiday slug zombie christmas holiday santa nick kringle undead

Previous Job: Father Christmas
Likes: Online shopping with free delivery
Dislikes: Small chimneys & picking up reindeer poop
Favorite Food: Cartilage cookies with sour milk

Ol' Saint Nick looks like he's had a bit too much eggnog. His clothes are a little torn, he's missing part of his right boot and he's got a sort of spaced out look on his face.

Having looked at all 8 holiday SLUG Zombies now it seems a bit odd that very few of them are zombified to the same extent as some of the figures from the regular line. Maybe they were figuring since these are holiday characters they'd just make them look monstrous instead of gross...except for Frozen Fright with his ribcage.

Have a look at what Brian from Cool and Collected did with his Santa Claws!
More pics at the link.

Someone recently sold a whole customized set on Ebay

I hoped you enjoyed these tiny terrors as much as I did photographing them.
There's still 3 more days of Creepmas to come so don't touch that dial!


  1. Who doesn't like "Online shopping with free delivery"? :) I like that customized set you found on ebay!

  2. Wow, that whole set is pretty cool! Thanks for the shoutout.

  3. That set ended up going for $42 which isn't too bad at $5 per figure considering how good they look.

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