Dec 9, 2012

League Post - Merry Geekmas

This week's (ok, actually last week's, this is just under the wire) League of Extraordinary Bloggers assignment is holiday themed: 
Merry Geekmas! Write or photograph something festive and pop culture oriented.

We have lots more Peanuts/Snoopy stuff and just about every Hallmark Star Wars ornament every least up to last year. You can read why I stopped being a complete collector here. And we also have a pair of rambunctious cats that would likely attack and/or chew on the larger tree we're substituting this smaller one for, but it works and it's got built-in lights. Bonus!

Here's what some of the other League members posted
Infinite Hollywood has a giant terrapin holiday
Give a listen to the 1st annual Random Nerdness "Chris Lockhart Christmas Special"
It's Batman vs Justin Timberlake over at Toyriffic!

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  1. I want to click LIKE and 5 Stars all over this. The bonds of Snoopy-mas!