Sep 3, 2013

Loot Crate "Cake" - August 2013

The passing of a month means two things around here. One, there's going to be a Monthly Movie Recap and two, there's going to be a Loot Crate review! The fine folks at Loot Crate provide me with a box of awesome in exchange for dragon eggs each month.
Dragon eggs, or a blog review...I know it's one of those things.

Loot Crate Cake August 2013

It's time to play Brad Pitt's favorite game: What's in the BOX?!?

The theme for August was "Cake" because Loot Crate is celebrating its one year anniversary/birthday. Sadly, they did not send actual cake. But given what all was packed in the box, that may be a good thing! Or maybe the cake is a lie...more on that later.

Loot Crate Cake August 2013 Caffeine shirt Woot

Yay, a shirt! Once in awhile we get a shirt from one of the multitude of shirt sites out there. This one's from Woot and is a good one for you caffeine junkies and/or chemists. I like how the outer molecules are drinking it up and jittery while some of the interior ones are crashing. Back in the day, we used to buy cases of Jolt Cola. Remember that stuff?

Loot Crate Cake August 2013 Funko Walking Dead

Now this is awesome on many levels! It's Walking Dead, it's Funko and I happen to be internet chums with the lead designer on these bad boys! It's none other than the man behind the Lair of the Dork Horde,  Reis O'Brien and you can read an interview on Daily Dead with him about these figures. I don't know if I like the way the top of this box is buckling...almost like something's trying to get out.

Loot Crate Cake August 2013 Lights Out!

Hey! Who shut off the lights?!
What's that noise? It sounds like something tearing through cardboard!
Oh Jeebus, where's my flashlight?!?

Loot Crate Cake August 2013 Funko Walking Dead Merle Dixon

Uh oh, It's Merle Dixon! He and his knife hand don't look very happy.
I wonder if I might have been safer with a zombie...

Loot Crate Cake August 2013 Aperture Labs Portal goodies

See? I told you I'd get back to the whole "the cake is a lie" thing. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you really should play Portal. Or you can click here.

Some days you're the lab rat, some days you're the scientist but they've got you covered! There's an Aperture Labs rubber wrist band, temp tattoo and lanyard to hold your top secret clearance ID. There's also a pair of nifty Loot Crate/Portal stickers.

I'm not sure if the mini-mag (top center) is going to be a new feature or just an annual thing. It tells you what everything is that you got and talks a little about the Loot Crate community. Usually they just include a postcard detailing your loot so the mini-mag was a nice treat.

One thing absent from the photos is a small pack of Jelly Belly jelly beans because photographing stuff is hard and I needed a snack.

If you want to get cool stuff like this every month, please click on the Loot Crate box graphic and use code AEIOUWHY when joining for 10% your order.


  1. Replies
    1. It's extra fun when you get a blind box inside the box!

  2. Of course these things would start getting better AFTER I cancel my subscription! I just didn't find it worth the money when I got my 3 boxes, but now I can actually see where the money's going.

    1. There's always going to be some hit and miss when you get random stuff every month. I was thrilled with my first one which was video game themed. The next two were so-so overall but had one or two standout items.

      The stuff I get and don't like will be going to someone else when I trade something with them.