Aug 12, 2013

Loot Crate - July 2013

If you've been with me awhile you might recall me blogging my very first Loot Crate back in April. And you may also recall how I said I signed up for three months and there being no follow up reviews. What can I say, I got lazy. It happens.

Despite that, somehow my one blog post got someone's attention over there and they offered me a chance to join their affiliate program. What does that mean? Each month they'll send me a crate in exchange for a review. I also get a bonus for those that sign up via my link and referral code. You can sign up, save 10% and help me out in the process. Everybody wins! If you might be interested in joining the affiliate program, contact me.

The theme for the August Loot Crate is going to be "Cake" because it's the one year anniversary crate. They've already announced it will include a shirt and promise it'll be full of surprises. Anyway, enough of the sales pitch...

The theme for July's Loot Crate was "Varsity". Probably one I would have passed on based on that word alone, but I would have been wrong. The Crate was mostly filled with things pertaining to the web series Video Game High School. I watched this back in January and definitely recommend it for gamers. You can watch it online here.

Loot Crate July 2013 Varsity Video Game High School

Starting us off is a pair of C-3P0 earbuds! I'll probably never use them but it's always cool to get some unexpected Star Wars kitsch. To compliment that, right below it, is a sticker of a Stormtrooper wearing a VGHS varsity jacket. Then we've got the Mighty Thor as a Pez dispenser and who doesn't love Pez? Anyone?

I haven't opened the Sonic air freshener yet. I don't know what "Sonic Breeze" smells like, but it sounds like what Sonic would call a fart. Below that is a sticker for Rocket Jump, the people that created VGHS. Ah, that takes me back to the many self-kills racked up while learning to perfect that move.

Loot Crate July 2013 Video Game High School DVD buttons pencil

The first season of VGHS on DVD! I was pretty psyched to pull this out of the Crate. I'm looking forward to digging into the extras on it. As a geek that grew up alongside video games (not just grew up with), I really like what they did with it.

Loot Crate July 2013 Video Game High School buttons

A set of five buttons, one for each school of gaming taught at VGHS. Even if I wasn't familiar with VGHS already, the retro-graphics on the buttons make them full of awesome.

Loot Crate July 2013 Video Game High School emergency wireless keyboard pencil

And finally, for those times when your batteries are drained and there's no power outlet in sight, we have the VGHS emegency wireless keyboard! Portable, compact and it easily allows you to correct any typos on the spot!

I have to say, the last two Crates I got before this one were (to quote Randy Jackson) "just kinda ok for me." They each had an item or two that I was excited about but they were lacking in the overall joy that I felt when I opened my first one in April. Of course, that one was arcade/video game focused so it set the bar high for future installments.

The Varsity Crate is an all around good one though! The only thing that might have made it a better experience is if I wasn't already familiar with VGHS and was introduced to it with the included DVD set. There's nothing like that feeling when you find something rad on video that you never knew existed.

Disclaimer: As I said up near the start, Loot Crate has provided this Crate to me free of charge in exchange for my reviewing the product.

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