Feb 1, 2013

Monthly Movie Recap - January 2013

Here we are kicking off another year of watching movies!

Tangled (2010)
I really liked this one. It's a lot of fun and the songs are worked in well. The look of it is a little different from the usual CGI animated movies, in a good way. Even though Rapunzel loses her "power" at the end, I wouldn't mind seeing these characters in another movie.

Cool: The chameleon and horse steal their scenes; Zachary Levi is great
Lame: Sometimes it seems her hair is prehensile and sometimes not?
Rating: 7.5

The Lost Continent (1968)
Not your usual Hammer Film production. I usually enjoy these type of lost world movies because they have giant animals/creatures. Although they were here, there weren't enough of them for me. The cult of previously lost people is a neat idea.

Cool: There's a lot of focus on the characters for what I thought was a monster picture
Lame: Killer seaweed?; Needed more of two things: giant monsters and Dana Gillespie
Rating: 5.5

Video Game High School (2012)
This was originally a web series funded through Kickstarter, which I didn't know before watching. At one point I remember thinking it felt like a web show, so points for me! If your a video gamer of any sort, I think you'll enjoy this.

Cool: Showing the players in the game as live action is pretty neat; Great Mario joke at one point
Lame: Even a video game school has its own cliques
Rating: 6.5, if John Hughes made a movie about gamers as a web series, this would be it

Hot Rod Rumble (1957)
I couldn't find a trailer, so here's the main theme! A guy joins a hot rod club but his "Wild One" Brando-like actions make him unpopular. He's wrongly accused of causing an accident that kills one of the club members. The rest of the gang make his life Hell by beating him up and trashing his car, forcing him to try and get it rebuilt before the big race with no money.

Cool: Leigh Snowden, hubba-hubba!
Lame: Was expecting more hot rod racing action
Rating: 6, this is a pretty dour flick not the typical happy-go-lucky hot rod teen movie

Cherry 2000 (1987) 
Checking off another 80s classic that I've never seen. Let me see if I have this right: this guy's android sex toy/wife breaks down and he risks life and limb to get an exact replacement when there are other models readily available? Should have got the protection plan, buddy!

Cool: Some good action parts; topless Melanie Griffith in silhouette; Tim Thomerson!
Lame: The main character has some serious issues if he's willing to go through all this to replace his robo-wife
Rating: 6.5

Spine Tingler! The William Castle Story (2007)
There are a handful of showbiz people I would love to travel in time to meet. William Castle is probably second only to Vincent Price for me. This guy knew how to market his movies with gimmicks like a boss. I would sell bits of my soul to see The Tingler in a properly rigged theater.

Cool: Plenty of great people talking about Castle; The DVD is absolutely packed with bonus stuff including an additional hour of outtakes from the main feature
Lame: I wish someone could bring back these sort of gimmicks and sensationalism to the movies
Rating: 10 (but I'm biased!), if you enjoy B-movies do yourself a favor and see some Castle pictures!

Django (1966) 
I watched this one to prep for the latest ep of the Cult Film Club podcast and I'm glad I did. I previously blogged about my experience, or lack thereof, with all things Western. This film has convinced me I may have been missing out and I need to see more Westerns.

Cool: Django may be the badass hero but he's no white hat
Lame: The actors that did the dubbing are not very good but I'm too lazy to read subtitles
Rating: 7

ParaNorman (2012)
Finally got around to seeing this one. I don't know why but I was expecting something different. What that was, I can't say. It was a lot better scripted than I thought it would be and a fun ride. I like how they kind of twisted the typical "monsters out for revenge" story.

Cool: takes place in a Salem-like town; at some points I forgot it was stop motion; major props to them for including an openly gay character in a kids' movie
Lame: I got nothin!
Rating: 7

Curse of the Crimson Altar (1968)
Karloff, Lee and Steele. Any one of those names in a movie is usually enough to get me to check it out. This Brit horror flick is based on HP Lovecraft's story "The Dreams in the Witch House." While there is a witchcraft cult here, the movie is more of a mystery as the lead character tries to find out what happened to his missing brother.

Cool: The cult-y stuff is appropriately 60s trippy
Lame: Karloff's last film
Rating: 6

Scooby-Doo: Mask of the Blue Falcon (2013) 
Although a long time fan of the TV series, especially its newest incarnation, I never felt the need to check out the movie length features. I'm a sucker for cross over events so I had to see this one! In this movie, Blue Falcon is a classic TV show very similar to Batman '66 and the story takes place at a ComicCon-like convention where the studio is premiering a darker, grittier Blue Falcon reboot movie. Unlike a typical episode, there are multiple suspects and it could be any of them.

Cool: There are references to classic HB toons all over the convention, even the ethnic SuperFriends!; Casting Dietrich Bader as the new BF actor was a great choice
Lame: The new BF and DynoMutt (as intended)
Rating: 8, really a 7 but +1 for the classic Hanna-Barbera references

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1 (2012) 
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 (2013)
I'm lumping these together because it's basically a single 3 hour movie. I've never read the original book but from the summaries I've read this sounds to be a pretty faithful adaptation. In case you're not familiar with this story, it's not one for the kiddies. What I found most interesting is that the original book came out a few months before the Watchmen comics and that's exactly the vibe I got while watching this.

Cool: Geriatric Batman kicking ass; anytime Bats and Supes throw down, you know you're in for a good time!
Lame: I like Micheal Emerson as an actor but he's totally wrong for the Joker; not clear on what happened to Supes after the bomb went off?
Rating: 8, even if you haven't read the comic if you like Batman, you'll enjoy this. I know I did!

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