Feb 13, 2013

LoEB Post - Love, Exciting and New

Another week, another assignment from The League of Extraordinary Bloggers!
Luckily, this one doesn't require sharing 5 bathrooms with 4000 other people.

Write a stream of conscious post listing the things you love and hold dear. 

The length of this post vs how long it actually takes me to write it will probably be way out of proportion as I try to self-edit and keep myself from going on and on and on...

My parents and wife! They've been amazing as long as I've known them.

You, yes you there reading this! I had no idea how starting a silly little blog would change the way I interact with the internet and introduce me to so many great people.

Comments! I can see how many page hits a post gets but seeing comments gives me a little more validation that someone's interested in what I'm writing.

Star Wars! (even some parts of the prequels) Being able to escape to another place I know so well whether through movies, TV, games, music or other audio things...

Music! Oh my god, there is sooo much music I love. Stuff that's been with me forever and takes me back (Pac-Man Fever album), stuff that I listen to when I'm down (Trans-Formers soundtrack got me through some tough times), stuff that I blast when I'm pissed at the world (Calabrese, Zombina and the Skeletones and tons of other punk & metal) and stuff I put on to zone out to (anything relating to Tron).

Tron! If you've been reading for a bit, you know how much I love this franchise.

Halloween! The movies are ok but I'm talking about the holiday and the fall season. Bringing out the Salem Creep every year and scaring the pants off people. Having Trick or Treaters come to the door, especially when they're Star Wars or something else pop culture related.

Photography! There are few things I enjoy more than going to a cemetery alone, wandering the stones and taking pictures. I do like taking photos of other things too, as you might have seen. But, gravestones don't move around and try to be funny in pictures...usually.

Movies! Oh so many to list but I have a spot in my heart for the horror/scifi of the 50s, 60s and 70s. In particular if it features Vincent Price or something being a lot bigger /smaller than it naturally should be, I'm there!

Cartoons and Saturday mornings! Adventure Time, Regular Show, Gravity Falls, the Aquabats Super Show. Being able to revisit stuff I haven't seen in ages like Battle of the Planets (and the original Gatchaman), Thundarr the Barbarian, StarBlazers and StarCade.

Games of all kinds: board, card and video! As far as we've come tech-wise I still love the hell out of old school arcade and vintage games, especially my Atari 2600 favorite: Yar's Revenge.

And I'm going to wrap with toys! I always feared as a kid that I'd get too old for toys. Glad I was wrong! LEGO minifigs, action figures, capsule toys from vending machines, Halloween themed Playmobil figures.

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  1. "I had no idea how starting a silly little blog would change the way I interact with the internet and introduce me to so many great people."

    I could not have said this better. I feel exactly the same way about my site. I wish I'd thought to mention my own blog as one of my loves. Not hating this blog either, by the way. Point is though, I've enjoyed blogging way more than I could have imagined... but all the interactions that have happened as a result are even better.

  2. Yeah, I'm super stoked about the blogging community lately and can't count the number of awesome experiences I've had meeting folks on the internet and sometimes because of the internet in the real world too. Also, ditto on practically everything on your list...

  3. Spreading the love, one blog at a time. Well done Dex!