Aug 7, 2013

Boston Comic Con 2013 Artists

Welcome to the second post on Boston Comic Con 2013.
Aside from cosplayers, two other things you can expect at any given comic convention are artists and vendors. There were quite a few local vendors showing off new and vintage toys.

Boston Comic Con 2013 Mego action figures

As I said before, I'm not usually "into" comic artists. What I am into is the non-comic book artists that were present showing off their craft.

First up is Glass by Joe. He does a lot of horror, sci-fi and pop culture stained glass and lamps. He even takes custom orders.

Boston Comic Con 2013 Glass By Joe TARDIS Lamp Army of Darkness Ash stained glass
TARDIS Lamp & Ash from Army of Darkness Stained Glass
Boston Comic Con 2013 Star Wars R2D2 stained glass lamp R2-D2
R2-D2 Stained Glass lamp
Boston Comic Con 2013 Glass by Joe Hellraiser Box Lament Configuration lamp
Hellraiser Lament Configuration Stained Glass lamp
Unfortunately, this next artist was out of business cards so I don't have a site for her. But if you want to find out about getting a custom pair of "arted up" shoes, you can email her at

Boston Comic Con 2013 Ever Be Creations custom Star Wars and Mario shoes

Prepare to squee and/or awww when checking out ESpressions Design's 3D Origami figures.
There's lots more photos of their work at their site, so check it out! They also do custom work but because these are so fragile, they may not be able send it to you.
But you can do local pickup (Boston area).

Next up are some craft creatures by Michelle Roberge. The little bat guy on the left I totally fell in love with, but did not bring home with me. The one in the middle is made with an actual animal skull. She said those sell out quickest!

Boston Comic Con 2013 Michelle Roberge bat animal skull doll figure

While I love looking at art, I don't often buy it. You wouldn't believe the number of Star Wars posters I've racked up over the years that do nothing but sit in their cardboard tubes. But when I saw Rogan Josh's work, I had to get some! He's got a very unique style. And the postcard sized prints were only 2 for $5. Small size + low price = sold!

Two of my favorite Doctors

Boston Comic Con 2013 Doctor Who Matt Smith fezBoston Comic Con 2013 Doctor Strange

and two of my favorite lesser known characters, Rocket Raccoon and Rom the Spaceknight

Boston Comic Con 2013 Rocket Raccoon Guardians of the GalaxyBoston Comic Con 2013 Rom the Spaceknight

He's got an interesting take on characters like Iron Man and Wonder Woman. I can't recommend checking out his gallery enough! He also handed me a card for Geeks Out, which is all about promoting the LGBT geek community. If I were closer to Manhattan I'd totally be going to the Adventure Time Burlesque show later this month!

I'll be back on Friday with the last Boston Comic Con related post.


  1. I got that Super Naturals Eagle Eye action figure in the first pic and that R2-D2 lamp is sweet my buddy's wife would love it.

    1. The really sad thing is I was so focused on taking that pic of the toy case, I didn't notice the wind-up Creature from the Black Lagoon in the back until I looked at the photo when posting. D'oh!