Apr 18, 2012

Slam in the Back of My Fangula

Ok, so it's not quite the Rob Zombie lyrics but that's ok because it's not quite Halloween. Don't you love how I say "not quite" when it's still half a year away? It's never too early!

If you have a really excellent memory, you'd remember back in October I posted about Hot Wheels that fit the Halloween theme but aren't necessarily branded as such. I was perusing the toy aisles of a local Target and skimmed over the Hot Wheels to see what's new. I was very excited to see the latest incarnation of Fangula with a Halloween-ish deco.

I've almost picked up Fangula a few times since it debuted in 2010 because it just looks sinister, especially in black and red. But slap on a translucent orange sunroof, some skulls and spiderwebs, SOLD!
Fangula lookin all Halloween like
What's kinda odd is the Hot Wheels Wiki lists the car color as metalflake black. There's no doubt about the metalflake but under certain light it appears purple. Even the card art shows it as purple. Maybe it's like how in comics they shade black with a dark blue to highlight it?

Fangula card art


  1. That's from Dragula, right? Your Rob Zombie inspired headline, that is. That little car is so fun! I'd love to see it in a full-scale car size.

  2. I want a real one of these to ride around for Halloween. : )

  3. I agree with jboypacman...except I'd just drive it 365 days of the year. It's too damn good not to!