Apr 30, 2012

Mail Order Monday - Master Makeup Kit (1981)

This ad from 1981 seems pretty straight forward at first look.
A. Clown - The only time kids should be dressed as a clown is for Halloween, because clowns are creepy. Short clowns are even creepier. I'd guess I never once pretended I was a clown when I was a kid. Unless it was the Joker...

B. Indian - Ok, kids do (or did) play cowboys & indians. This one gets a pass.

C. "Black Face" - I guess they didn't want to call it "Jungle Man", "Voodoo Priest" or "African Native"? Seriously though, that would never fly today.

D. Monster - Monsters are cool

E. Black & White (Disco) - Disco?! Dude, if KISS saw this they would come down to your office and rip your face off.

F. Chinese - What exactly comes in the makeup kit to make you look Chinese? And why is it the only girl?


  1. Clowns: Yes i agree clowns are creepy.

    Indian: Does any of today's kids play Cowboys and Indians?

    Black Face: Seriously? I think Voodoo Priest or Shaman would of worked just find. It did for Marvel's Brother Voodoo and when they say "Black Face" i keep thinking either Al Jolson or Ted Danson.

    Monster: you can never go wrong with a classic monster i say. : )

    Disco: Yup Gene and the gang would of been given out some painted face beat downs over this one but let us remember they had one "Disco Song"...I Was Made For Loving You.

    Chinese: This is the only one i don't understand. Are you painting you skin a different color which i think would be insulting or just making your eyes and eye brows look a certain way which could be taken as a insult too. I don't think this one would fly for sure these days like Jerry Lewis playing like he is chinese in a movie it just not a thing to do anymore.