Apr 20, 2012

Friday Funnies - Dexverse Issue #3

Since things have been warming up a bit in these parts lately, I thought we'd chill out with today's hero from the Dexverse: Iciclea.

Usually when I'm designing these MMO characters I have a general idea of the power sets I want to use and come up with a name. Getting the right name is paramount importance, it lets the audience (or other players) know what you're about right away. There is another character I created who was to be an ice based bruiser. I wanted to call him The Polar Bowler but it was taken so I had to settle on The Arctic Hammer. Not quite as catchy, is it?

Anyway, Doctor Strange is one of my all time favorite comic characters and I borrowed the name of his one time apprentice/lover, Clea, for Iciclea. In City of Heroes she was a controller which is a support type character that controls enemies making it easier for them to be taken out by the heavy hitters.

Iciclea in CoH
With her ice powers she could slow down, and even freeze, enemies. She could also create an ice slick that would cause them to fall down, essentially creating fish in a barrel for her teammates to shoot. She never got much of a back story like other characters I had. Giving her ice powers, blond hair and height above average, I stereotyped her as being of Swedish descent and when possible, "spoke" with the stereotypical accent (Ya!). But she was no Swedish Chef!

As much as I enjoyed playing her in CoH, she really came together when I created her in the DC Universe game. In this system, every character has a weapon or focus. I found it to be an odd thing when recreating previous characters who just had powers and no signature weapon.

Iciclea the archer in DCUO. Love the lighting!
Having always liked archer heroes (Hawkeye > Green Arrow, just sayin') I went with a bow which  worked great with the ice powers. Even cooler (ugh did I really just do that?) was when she got the ice armor ability.

Extra icy Iciclea
Thanks for picking up Dexverse issue #3!

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