Apr 27, 2012

Friday Funnies - Dexverse Issue #4

Thanks for picking up issue #4 of the Dexverse where I tell you about various characters I've created for supers themed MMOs. I know the premise sounds lame but hopefully it's entertaining!

This week we'll be talking about a young girl that's not quite right in the head. She talks to stuffed animals, hears voices and carries a huge sword. Her name is Alison Wonder...at least that's what she calls herself.

Ali escaping the mental ward
Doctors aren't quite sure what happened to Ali to cause her psychotic break or how long she has been in this state. The real truth is she's totally sane but from another dimension. She's sort of trapped between worlds. She is present here but still can communicate with her home plane, only no one else can see/hear what she does which is why she was locked up originally.

Ali poses with "Chesh"
One of the content updates for City of Heroes included lots of anime/manga influenced costume items. Originally she was just going to be a generic butt kicking schoolgirl but after putting the costume together, the full character idea made itself apparent to me. She does have a small stuffed Cheshire cat sitting on her shoulder that she regularly talks to, of course no one else can hear it talk back to her because they're not attuned to the same dimensional energies.

Ali is what's called a Tank, a character that engages and holds the enemy's attention. Because of this, she's highly resistant to damage. She also carries her "Vorpal blade" that she swings with reckless abandon while yelling "Snicker Snack!"

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