Apr 14, 2012

Friday(ish) Funnies - Dexverse Issue #2

Just like some comic companies, the new issue of the Dexverse had a slight publishing delay. But we're back now to have a look at the supernatural heroine, Halloween Eve. Unfortunately, a lot of the images I had of her were lost so I'm making due with what little I have.

First things first: her name. While playing this character a lot of people would ask something like "Why Halloween Eve when the word Halloween is a contraction of Hallow and Eve? It's like saying Eve twice." Halloween is both an adjective describing her and it has something to do with her birth. She was also inspired by Dan Brereton's Halloween Girl from The Nocturnals. Which, if you love Halloween, noir and gorgeous art, you should really check it out!

First appearance
The rough version of her origin goes like this: Eve's father was a member of a cult of evil magicians (magic-using magicians, not the kind that pull rabbits out of hats) and got her mom pregnant in an attempt to fulfill an ancient prophecy. The prophecy spoke about how a child born in the first moments of Halloween would become a great force of Evil, yadda yadda, enslave the Earth and so on.

Super Jumpin
The good Magi eventually found out about the plot and interrupted the dark ceremony that was begun late on October 30th. They were not in time to prevent Eve's mom from being sacrificed. There was a huge magical battle, during which Eve's dad was also killed. The Magi managed to save Eve at 11:59pm, which is where she got her name of Halloween Eve. The Magi took it upon themselves to raise her, knowing that she could still be a danger if not trained properly. That, and the fact that she has tiny Devil-like horn nubs on her head.

Eve was brought up in a world of magic and began practicing to defend herself because she's still being hunted by supernatural baddies. Although the Magi have done their best, Eve's powers manifested themselves through darkness. She can cast dark bolts of magic, shroud herself in darkness to escape notice and conjure dark tentacles from the ground to hold foes in place. Despite her possible destiny, she is a fairly normal, wise cracking, Hot Topic shopping, teenage girl.

Possible Future Eve
When her life is in serious danger, Eve is possessed by a future version of herself. Decked out in bone armor and sporting full grown horns, this incarnation of Eve is much more powerful and sure of herself than her modern day teenage self. But is this her destiny or can she change it?
Eve's "gypsy" costume
At one point, I did try to start a super team of monster/Halloween themed heroes but I could never find enough people to recruit. The team's name was The Things That Go Bump.

This is a version of Eve created in the Champions MMO. I really like the cel shading graphics in this game. Makes it feel more comic book-y.

And here she is in the DC Universe Online game. That brings issue #2 to a close. I'm not sure who will be popping up in issue #3 yet. It could be Swedish heroine Iciclea, the robot Chillowatt or maybe even Captain Blaze's nemesis, Psychtron...we'll just have to wait and see!


  1. You still play any of these games Dex?

    1. Not in a long time. I stopped City of Heroes years ago when a change in work schedule killed my play time window. DC and Champions I checked out when they were in Beta. Even though City and DC are free to play now I just don't have the time...or wouldn't if I were currently working.

  2. All three are free2play now, including Champions... So much virtual spandex goodness out there!! XD