Apr 23, 2012

Mail Order Monday - Warren Monster Games

As a kid, I loved board games (for the record I still do!). I don't know what the landscape was like before my time but I feel like I grew up in the golden age of board games. In the 70s' and 80s' it seemed like every marginally successful licensed property had a board game. And when I say board games, I'm talking about what's referred to in some circles as "Ameri-Trash" games, as opposed to those crazy, abstract Euro-strategy games. Good ole fashioned, fun games which more often than not required luck instead of skill.

I forget how old I was but I remember one summer day there was a yard sale near the local playground. I went to check it out and they had a copy of Superstition for like $1 or something. I ran home to get the money from my mom because I had to have this game! If you're not familiar with it, click here. I reacquired another one years ago through eBay. I just love the interactivity of the traps and the board's artwork.

Anywho, this rambling brings me to today's mail order ad. This particular ad comes from Famous Monsters of Filmland #127, 1976.

Click to enlarge
6 year old me hadn't quite hit the monster phase...yet. (Thank you, Creature Double Feature on WLVI 56!) And there would be some little indy sci-fi movie out the following year that would spark my interest in aliens and monsters...Space Wars or something? I forget the exact name.

After doing some poking around on the interwebs, it looks like some of these games are being reprinted in color in new Eerie and Creepy Archives hardcover books. I also found a full color image of Creepy Castle on a Warren fan board. But it looks like you need the rules and accompanying cards to actually play it. I'm going to keep poking to see if I can find more images of these!