Feb 23, 2012

League Post - Where Are They Now?

The latest League of Extraordinary Bloggers challenge poses the following
The 80′s and 90′s were filled with kids and teens in the movies. Which movie would you like to see a sequel made in 2012 with the original cast members, who have aged the same as you and me.
To be honest, I was planning on sitting this one out. I was going over the list of movies that I enjoy with young leads and so many of them ended in such a way that a sequel wouldn't be needed. The way most sequels (and reboots) are done these days I've pretty much equated the word sequel (or reboot) with "cash grab."

When I read the Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights series of books that chronicle the adventures of the 14 year old twins of Han and Leia, I loved it. I enjoyed reading their exploits and seeing them grow into their own as characters. The more recent Star Wars books take place decades later and the kids are now adults. I don't particularly like these stories, I much preferred them as kids. It's sort of like reconnecting with a friend you haven't seen in decades and realizing you've grown too far apart and no longer have that special connection.

What it comes down to is that in order for me to want a sequel to any of the movies I've been turning over in my brain, it's got to have a good...no, great story. There has to be a reason to revisit that particular movie-verse. TRON: Legacy may not have had the greatest story but it felt like a natural progression to me, like it fit with the original.

It came down to two movies for me: The Last Starfighter and Labyrinth. How great would it be to see Alex have a father-child space adventure? And how would raising a kid on Rylos be different from Earth?

Ultimately, I have to circle back to one of my comfort movies: Labyrinth. There was a manga/comic sequel which was interesting but I'd love to see Bowie and Connelly back on the screen. Would the story be now-grandma Sarah going off to aid Toby's child? How would the world of Labyrinth have changed since she last "defeated" Jareth? What if Jareth was the one that made it such a "fun" place? Maybe now it's more like Pan's Labyrinth and Sarah has to be brought back to restore things. I'm just tossing out things off the top of my head.

Here is 14 year old Connelly's audition. She totally sells it!
Be sure to watch to the end to hear Jim Henson.

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