Feb 15, 2012

League Post - Hollywood Memorabilia

Cool and Collected strikes again with a new League of Extraordinary Bloggers assignment.
In case you're not familiar with this weekly blog-fest, check out the details.

This week's topic:
You have an unlimited budget and space is not a problem. What piece of Hollywood memorabilia would you want hanging around in your batcave?
Wow, that is a tough one! Would I go all out and have my house be the piece of memorabilia?
The Addams Family house would be a great place to live!
And there are so many things from my almost life-long love of Star Wars! How about a Mos Eisley Cantina party room/home theater? A life size Millennium Falcon as a guest house?

I've been collecting Star Wars things for many years, so it's not like I don't have any replica Star Wars items already. And even with no restrictions, I think I'd want something not so big.

That's about the right size! It doesn't even have to run. It can just sit there and be awesome! While it may not have the nostalgia-cool of the iconic lightcycles from the original Tron, I like this version better. It's still very close to the original design and yet not as modern as the ones seen in Tron: Legacy. It was kind of a shame to hear it described as "the fastest thing on the Grid" but never see it in real action.

Now that I think about it, the set of Flynn's Arcade would be pretty cool to have....
[cue Journey's Separate Ways]

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  1. I was really surprised at how much I dug the "in-between" redesign of the Flynn 2.0 lightcycle in the new flick. I love how solid it felt. I'd love one in a light blue actually!