Feb 10, 2012

The League of Extraordinary Bloggers - Movie Time

The blog Cool and Collected has an open invite for bloggers to participate in a weekly "assignment." You can participate as often as you want. Every Monday, they'll hand out an assignment and you let them know when you're done with a link to your post. The following Monday C&C publishes their post with a link to all the participants blogs as well. Something to get your creative juices flowing weekly and cross promotion, everyone wins! You can see all the participating blogs by clicking on the above logo.

This week's assignment is to blog about your "go to" comfort movie, that movie you watched over and over again until you could watch it in your head and recite the dialog.

I don't think it will come as a surprise to anyone that knows me when I say that movie was usually Star Wars. My parents got divorced when I was very young and when I got a bit older my dad would take me on occasional weekends. It sounds corny but him taking six year old me to see Star Wars did change my life. And honestly, it's something I can't thank him enough for doing! It's been a point of connection for meeting good friends throughout my life (some of whom I've never met face to face) and even helped me find the girl I would one day marry! To paraphrase, "It was my first step into a larger world."

Eventually there would come more VHS releases, betamax and laserdisc but this right here was my set.
When I was younger I used to know exactly how many times I'd seen each movie and if I popped in Star Wars, I couldn't watch it again until I'd watched the next two so all the viewings would stay 10 apart from each other. (ex: 30-20-10) As I got older, and started losing track, that rule went out the window. Also the "go to" started changing from Star Wars to The Empire Strikes Back.

After seeing the Trilogy so many times, I started watching with a different eye. I started looking into the movie instead of just watching it. Taking in the actions of background characters and even scrutinizing the sets for details I never really noticed before. This is something I recommend everyone do with their favorite movies. Don't just put it on, but watch it.

There are a couple of other movies that deserve to be mentioned here as well.
I'm not usually one to rewatch a movie more than a few times unless I really connect with it.

Behind any original trilogy Star Wars movie, this is the one I've seen the most.

Indiana Jones Trilogy
Crystal Skull is a great pulp adventure but it's a poor Indy movie.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Not a box office success but I feel this movie was made for me.

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  1. So we have people like you to thank for bringing that ice cream maker guy to light? ;)

    1. Ah yes, ol Wilrow Hood! During the Dark Times (1985-1991), West End Games put out a ton of RPG stuff which is where a lot the background characters got names and back stories.