Feb 6, 2012

Mail Order Monday - Glow in the Dark SciFi Posters

This 1986 ad promises a pretty sweet deal. For just $4, you get three 11'x14' posters that glow in the dark AND a package of glow in the dark shoe lace. Now the ad does say Neon Lace is a Glow-in-the-Dark shoe lace. Singular. Does that mean you only get one lace? It was the 80s so I guess you could get away with two different shoe laces. It would probably also be incentive enough to nag your parents to get you another one so you could have a set of glowing laces.

These small posters are pretty typical of the 80's with their generic sci-fi art and dayglo colors. I'm not gonna lie, I probably would have ordered these even if they didn't glow in the dark. I like the fact that they are separate but connect to form one image. The perspective is a little weird though.

In the left panel, it's easy to assume the winged creatures are closer than the distant city and are likely not gigantic, no problem there. But moving right, are those ships really close or large? Or both? (Dig that Cylon Raider ripoff years after the show ended) And in the far right, the armored figure is shooting at one of the fighters. Is this thing a Godzilla sized mech, is it human sized and having delusions of grandeur in trying to shoot down the fighter or somewhere in between? I know, I know. Too much analyzing, enjoy the art.

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