Dec 8, 2020

Creepmas Creeps - Karakoncolos

(Bulgaria, Turkey and Serbia) 
Image from FaithCreations
 The Karakoncolos is said to be a cross between a devil and a Sasquatch. It likes to stand on street corners and ask riddles of passers-by. If their answer does not include the word black, he would strike them down. I may be approaching this with a more modern mind, but that doesn't sound like a trick that would be hard to defeat.

In Serbian Christmas traditions, the Twelve Days of Christmas were known as the "unbaptized days" and evil forces were thought to be more active at night during these days so people stayed in at night. But that didn't stop Karakoncolos! It would mimic the voice of a loved one or a small child to lure people outside where it would put them in a trance so they would freeze to death!

If it found you out at night, it would jump on your back and make you his personal Uber until the rooster crowed and dawn broke. Can you imagine having to carry this huge, hairy creature around all night and having to watch whatever it got up to?

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  1. I mean I think I would be fine being his Uber running around town!

    1. It would be an interesting night, that's for sure!