Oct 11, 2019

Kinder Egg Mystery Lab Toys

I will usually pick up the odd Kinder Egg here and there when they're doing a licensed property.I'm usually a little let down by the toy. I know they're supposed to be a cheap toy for little kids but sometimes they do it right. When I saw this series, the display box looked spooky and had little monsters all over it. Could these be Halloween Kinder Eggs?

I couldn't resist picking up a few to see what lurked inside.

They absolutely nailed this series! I've gotten backpack dangler type toys before but these little guys have so much character, they're just awesome. Their heads click when you rotate them. As far as I know there are two varieties of creature: glow in the dark and color changing.

Each one comes with a little instruction sheet that shows all the monsters on the back. What really impressed me is that each critter has its own instructions. The two bottom ones are for glow in the dark types but they used mostly different art for each one.

There are 8 in the series and right now I only have half of them.

I'll definitely be picking up more of these so if you're collecting them too and need to swap some doubles, hit me up.

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  1. Oh man I need to dig these up! If we get a few doubles I will let you know.

    1. It's odd. There are a few places in my area that regularly have Kinder Eggs but Target is the only place where I've found these so far.

  2. We bought several of these and go to so many duplicates! We really wanted to get the spider and cyclops, but no dice.

    1. I have an extra of the purple cyclops. I still need the red one and the green tongue one.

    2. I just realized there are two cyclops. We have the long tongue cyclops. We need the girl cyclops, red guy, blue guy, and spider. I have extras of the green tongue guy.



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