Jan 4, 2013

Famous Last Words Friday - Epic Stupidity

Let's face it, characters in a horror story make epically bad choices in the face of adversity. There's always that one point where you're practically yelling at them "Wait! Stop! Don't!". Or maybe you're that person and you are actually yelling at them.

Today I present the King of Bad Decisions.
Is he doing it on purpose? 
Does he have a death wish? 
Does he just have a curiosity that can only be sated by death? 
You be the judge...

famous last words friday locked chest horror comic

If there's one thing these panels have in common, it's that you could add "and they were never seen again" after any of them and that could be the end right there.
But no, they have to break open the box that says "do not open".

famous last words friday locked chest horror comic

Oh look Virginia, we found a Book of Demons in the locked chest.
Let's open it!
Sidenote: Who was the idiot that left the key with the book?

famous last words friday locked chest horror comic

I know it's only been 5 panels, but let's review.
Break open chest that warns not to open it? Check.
Unlock book that will let Satan's minions loose on Earth? Check.
Read mystic incantation to release demons? Check.

Virginia, you need to leave this guy and just run!
Or maybe it would be better for all of us if you knock his ass out...

famous last words friday locked chest horror comic

This guy doesn't mess around! Not only is he cool with reading an incantation to let a demon loose, but he goes starts with Satan! After that, he's going through the rest of the book!
 Well buddy, I think you deserve what's coming.
Sidenote: all this happens and it's only page 3!


  1. I love how he's also smoking a pipe while all this is going on. That's pimp.

    1. Hey being the idiot that brings about the end of days is no excuse to not treat yoself

  2. Uh... I'd say he had ample warning! I guess we need to have a character with no common sense to keep the story going, but still. So, does he live to see page 4?

  3. People in the "World of Horror" have no sense lol.

  4. I pulled these panels probably over a year ago and didn't write down what book they were from so I'm not sure what ended up happening.



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