Dec 6, 2012

SLUG Holiday Zombies - Surprise Demise

SLUG Zombie logo holiday christmas jakks pacific

The sixth Day of Creepmas finds a nice present waiting for you.
Only don't get too close, because it's hiding a Surprise Demise!
Surprise Demise comes packed with Ralph Reindead and Blazin' Basel.

Previous Job: Host of Children's TV Show
Likes: Practicial jokes on his co-workers
Dislikes: A bad sense of humor
Favorite Food: Funny bones

This is an oddly specific description but doesn't really look like anyone from pop culture.
The sculpting on this one is very detailed. You can see he's got on an argyle sweater, shirt and tie. But the crowning (pun intended) piece of this figure is the large ribbon/bow that's stuck to his head from popping out of the present box.


  1. I thought it was a female...cut of the bow on its head and stuff...

    1. If it wasn't for the sweater vest and tie, I might agree...or it could be Ellen.



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