Dec 5, 2012

SLUG Holiday Zombies - Ralph Reindead

Day 5 of Creepmas is one of the most special of all, for it is Krampusnacht!
You can read more about Krampus Eve in my post from last year or, better yet,
 head over to The Spooky Vegan.

SLUG Zombie logo holiday christmas jakks pacific
Today's featured holiday SLUG Zombie is Ralph Reindead.
He comes packed with Surprise Demise and Blazin' Basel.

jakks pacific slug zombie ralph reindead undead reindeer rudolph

Previous Job: North Pole Petting Zoo
Likes: Guiding Santa's Sleigh, going down in history, playing reindeer games
Dislikes: Going to the vet
Favorite Food: Berries in brain broth

Ralph's not in good shape. His upper right arm looks like the fur, if not the flesh, has been stripped off. He even has some froth sculpted around the corners of his mouth! I'm not sure what happened to his midsection, but Ralph is ripped! I know I wouldn't want to find him
on my rooftop Christmas Eve.

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