Nov 18, 2020

The Mandalorian & The Child Playing Cards

 Are you on the hunt for some new playing cards? Here's a two for one bounty of decks based on The Mandalorian.

 We'll start with Din Djarin himself, The Mandalorian.

I'm guessing this deck was designed before the show even aired. The back of the box states the images are inspired by the new live action show and, brace yourself...there is no Child in sight! 
I like what they did with the card templates where black looks like a beskar ingot and red is sand. There are Aurebesh letters on the bottom of red cards which spells rowe. Not sure if that's someone that worked on the cards or what.

The art is great and while a lot of it is "inspired by the show" it all captures the feel of The Mandalorian. My one big disappointment with this deck is that they used the same art for every suit, meaning there are only 14 different images. 15 if you count card backs. Given the show's popularity, I imagine there will be at least one more deck with a variety of images from the show.

Hey, do you love The Child? Are you as obsessed with him as everyone else in the world? Then have I got a deck of playing cards for you!

This one specifically says it uses images from the show, and boy, do they! Since they're drawing from the show, every card has a unique image. Each card has Aurebesh text which says Wanted The Child.

Nearly every card in the deck features an image of the little green guy. I mean, I think we've all been assuming it's male. Who knows?

Oddly, only the 8s (and Jokers) feature The Child with another character. Were they anticipating a lot of people playing Crazy 8s?

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