Nov 23, 2020

9th Annual Creepmas Celebration

 I can't believe we've been doing this for 9 whole years!

In case you're new here, Creepmas is an online thing created by myself and artist Chad Savage. Mostly Chad, he does the heavy lifting. I just kinda put the spark out there. We decided enough was enough with Christmas pushing Halloween off the shelves before October 31st so we reclaimed December 1-13 as the 13 Days of Creepmas, the time to get some of your horror chocolate into the winter holiday peanut butter.

If you're familiar with the Countdown to Halloween and Drawlloween, that's kind of how things go with Creepmas. If you're a blogger, head over to this year's Creepmas sign up post and grab a badge for your blog. You can still play along on social media using #creepmas.
If you're an artsy type, there's the drawing challenge. I absolutely love the theme this year as I think it's going to expose a lot of people to some of the darker aspects from around the world!

Enjoy your fall festival celebration for 8 days, it's CREEPMAS!

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