Feb 27, 2017

Reddit Star Wars Gift Exchange

Every once in awhile i get emails from Reddit Gifts inviting me to sign up for a gift exchange. They have them quite frequently and for all sorts of themes from holidays to umbrellas!

I finally decided to jump in and check one out. Given my last experience with getting a box of Star Wars stuff in the mail, I thought it would be a good remedy.

The way they work is that you sign up and then get paired with a "Santa", the person that will send you a gift. Everyone is sending to a different person. For example: Person A sent something to me, I sent something to Person B, and Person B sent to Person C, and so on. There's a suggested $20 limit on the gifts and you fill out a little survey when you sign up so you can tell your Santa what you like.

My giftee likes the original movies and leans more toward the Dark Side. Being a Star Wars collector myself, I know how hard it can be when someone is trying to shop for you because they have no idea what you might or might not have already. I decided to have some fun with the gift. I managed to find: Darth Vader socks, Han in Carbonite ice cube tray, some playing cards, a Kylo Ren shaped mint container, and a Vader/Yoda Pez set.

Part of the exchange process is that after you get the gift, you share it with everyone.
You can see their post, with pics, here.

I got my box Friday. Or I should say I got my boxes! I was surprised to find two boxes waiting on my doorstep. I opened the first one...

In my Santa survey, I of course listed Fett as a favorite character. While I already have him from the Smuggler's Bounty he was exclusive to, it's nice to have one I can put out on display. General Grievous is a Walgreens exclusive that I hadn't seen in person yet. He looks awesome! I hope they do a four-arm version.

Given there was a $20-ish limit, I would have been totally happy getting this in my exchange, so what was in the other box?

I opened it and was like a kid on Christmas morning when I saw the packing box inside telling me it was The Bounty Hunter Code!

Exterior slipcase
This is the third in a series of "Vault Edition" books. But it's not just a book. These things are an experience! They are designed to be as in-universe as possible, like something you'd find in Star Wars. There are Jedi and Sith versions which come inside of a holocron. I never picked this one up for some reason and was beyond thrilled to be opening it.

Once you get past the slipcase and take it out of the box, this is what you have: a hard plastic case with the Mandolorian mythosaur skull. To open it, you have to push buttons on either side, which causes the center grill to slide down and activates some lights and sound. Then you insert the included "data card" to unlock it and the lid opens itself!

Check out the above video starting around 1:10 to see it in action.

Inside the lid is an Alliance report documenting how this case was found on Fett's ship over Tatooine. In addition to the main book, there is another below it written by Bossk's father and a Kamino saber dart like the ones used by Jango in Attack of the Clones. Both books have notes scribbled in the margins from various Star Wars personalities.

It also includes some fun Imperial document inserts!
The Wanted poster is printed in English on the flip side.

To say I'm happy with my Santa would be an understatement! I wouldn't expect to get so much awesome if I did another exchange but now that I've got one under my belt, I'll probably dive in to the next one that sounds interesting. The do hold these for holidays so I know I'm definitely getting in on the Halloween one this year!

If you want to check it out, head over to RedditGifts.
It's a separate account from Reddit, but it wouldn't hurt to be a member there too.

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