Jan 21, 2016

Boba Fett Playing Cards

Last month, I had posted about the Force Awakens decks that I found. Someone at Cartamundi noticed one of my posts/tweets and tweeted back to me that they were glad I liked the decks. I started a DM conversation with them to find out if they were planning on doing a Phasma helmet deck like the one they put out for the First Order Stormtrooper. They said they didn't have plans for that at the moment. Even though she was disappointing in the film, I still think she looks cool.

At one point I mentioned needing to find the Boba Fett deck pictured on their site and they told me it was a WalGreens exclusive. So I stopped in the next time I passed one and lo and behold, there it was!

Now, I'm a self-professed Boba fanboy but I have to say, I love this deck!
Top to bottom, it's an outstanding product.

For starters, it comes in a tin case instead of your every day tuck box. The interior has a foam insert that the cards fit into so they don't slide around inside the tin. The other thing I love, love, love about this set is that the Jokers are all using old school Marvel comic art. Two of them have the Mythosaur skull in the corners.
 (Hey look, you might have learned some obscure trivia!)

The suits are broken down into categories: Hearts are concept art, Diamonds are movie scenes, and Clubs and Spades are artwork. I thought this was a really good idea to keep it from just being 52 random images of Boba. The card in the bottom right is the back.

I really can't recommend this deck highly enough! The packaging, card layout, and the way the suits are broken into categories all come together to make a great looking pack of cards. Head down to your local WalGreens and hunt one down. I almost didn't find it at my store because it was on the side of an end cap mixed in with other playing cards.

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