Jan 19, 2016

Guardians of the Galaxy Playing Cards

There are two flavors of Guardians playing cards out there for your card gaming pleasure.
Lucky for you, I'm showing them both off today!

First up is the movie deck. The Jokers here are one of the posters and the artwork from the soundtrack album.

Every card in the deck has a image of one or more characters from the movie. My only complaint with this deck is that all the character images come from the same poster-style art that was all over the place when the movie was released. I suppose in one way, it's good in that it provides a cohesive look to the cards. The casual fan will probably not even care about it. I don't mind it that much, it just reminds me of the type of art you'd find on birthday party supplies. There's just something about the style.

Second is the comic based deck. Who else would you put for the Jokers other than Star Lord and Rocket? And they're both on wanted posters!

This one also has an image on every card but has a lot more variety! The black and white comic strip type borders on these are a nice touch. The art draws from various recent comic pages and covers.  One thing Marvel has been doing in conjunction with their cinematic releases is changing up the source comic to match the movie a little more. The most evident of these changes is in Star Lord who now looks exactly like he did in the film.

Of course I had to get both of these when I saw them but I'd have to give the edge to the comic version. They're just more fun to look at because of the different art styles.

I picked these up at my local comic shop but haven't found them anywhere else in the wild. That might be because they're not made by Cartamundi, who seem to have good distribution into mass market retail. If you want to pick either of these up, you can find them at Entertainment Earth.

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