May 6, 2015

Star Wars UK Poster Magazine (1978)

It's amazing the things you can find on the internets when you're not looking for them. I stumbled on this yesterday and thought I'd share it since I've posted a few other of these poster magazines from the Original Trilogy days. Oddly enough, this is the first Star Wars one I've posted! Here's the other ones in case you missed them.

Star Wars UK Poster Magazine #3 (1978) 1

There's just something about the layout and the colors used that immediately takes you back. Because there was no internet way back then, magazines like this were a great source of info that you couldn't really get anywhere else.

Star Wars UK Poster Magazine #3 (1978) 2

And there was usually a little behind the scenes action so you could get a peek at just how they did some of the amazing things that made it on screen. Even at a young age, I thought I was pretty well versed in the cast and crew of the movie, but I don't recall ever hearing the name John Stears before. I think it's because he's a Brit and this is a UK magazine.

Star Wars UK Poster Magazine #3 (1978) 3

And then there's the real reason you wanted these: the poster!
This is a great shot of Vader and some stormtroopers that I don't think I've seen before!

Star Wars UK Poster Magazine #3 (1978) 6

There are a few more pages to the magazine, including an ad for mail away merch, that I didn't post. If you want to grab the whole thing, here's the link.

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  1. Same lay-out and article different poster we have Darth Vader posed with arm extended to Luke (issue # 2 in the States) cool Post...
    we had all issues of the First "Star wars Poster Monthly magazine" The one of Rick Baker's Masks hangs here in the Living room...