May 30, 2015

May 2015 Loot Crate - Unite

Loot Crate supplies me with a box of geek swag every month in exchange for a review/sharing on social media.

This month, Loot Crate is all about great team-ups.
Readers Assemble!

May 2015 Loot Crate Book & Button

Our magazine talks to Boom! Studios on their 10th anniversary and has a list of the top 5 comic book teams. The list is clearly wrong as not only is the Justice League ahead of the Avengers and X-Men, but they take the top spot. It's not that I don't like DC, I know as a very young lad, I gravitated more toward DC (probably because of Batman '66 and Superfriends) but now I just love Marvel!

May 2015 Loot Crate Puzzle & Buttons

I admit, I've never heard of Rick & Morty but the image on this jigsaw puzzle has garnered a sliver of my interest so I may just have to check it out.
There's also a 4-pack of Team Fortress 2 buttons.

May 2015 Loot Crate Exclusive comics

Here's a pair of Loot Crate exclusives: Mad Magazine and Bravest Warriors! Mad Magazine is a classic. Ah, I still remember the hey day of comedy mags when you could buy Mad, Cracked, and Crazy. Overkill? Maybe, but it was awesome. If you haven't heard of Bravest Warriors, the only thing you need to know is it's created by the same guy that does Adventure Time, it's sci-fi, and it can get weird! You can check it out on You Tube.

May 2015 Loot Crate Marvel stuf

A trio of Mighty Marvel stuff! First is a silicone ice cube tray with Iron Man, Cap's shield, the Thing, and some fists that could possibly be Hulk's. Next is a pair of black and gray shoelaces that have some kind of design on them that I can't really make out. And then there's an Age of Ultron window sticker.

May 2015 Loot Crate Power Ranger shirt

 Lastly is this Power Rangers shirt. I think I was about a decade too early to be caught in the Power Rangers phenomenon. Even though I grew up on Godzilla movies, I probably felt I was too old for this craziness when it debuted. Now, I'd probably enjoy the cheeziness. I've watched (and loved) about 20 episodes of the Japanese Spider-Man show from the 70s, so I think I'm ready!

Even as someone that's never really watched the show, I have to say this design is pretty cool. Although I bet if I were to wear it someone would inevitably come up to me and start talking about the show. To which I could only reply with a blank stare.

 I often see people complaining about Loot Crate not being worth it and I generally find at least one or two things that I really like every month. This month, I could really take it or leave it. But that's the chance you take when you get a blind box o' stuff.

If you'd like to get a box full of geekiness delivered every month, sign up at Loot Crate and use the promo code AEIOUWHY for 10% any subscription plan.

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