May 14, 2015

Hallmark 2015 Halloween Ornaments

A few years ago, Hallmark figured out there are enough weirdos out there like me that never knew they needed Halloween ornaments in their life. These are all on the same page of the Dream Book but I broke them up to focus on them more and give a bigger image.

Hallmark Halloween 2015 2

I'm always a fan of any kind of black cat decoration but combining that with Dia de Los Muertos makes it that much better! The dayglo colors will really pop against a black background. The Cookie Cutter idea is cute. You can't go wrong with Trick or Treating animals. It took me a few looks to realize the door step is an Oreo.

Hallmark Halloween 2015 1

Happy Halloween! is my favorite of the four. This is the third one in a series they've been doing with a character inside of something. What I really like about it is the spooky background and zombie kid are just the right mix of creepy and fun for the youngins.

I can't remember a recent year where Hallmark hasn't done some kind of Nightmare Before Christmas ornament. They're not always lumped in with the "Halloween" ones but they've been there. Usually it's Jack-centric so it's nice to see Oogie get some love.

Most of the ornaments (and a lot more!) I've shown off this week will be available at your local Hallmark store the weekend on July 11-12.

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  1. I am loving that Happy Halloween! one. Too cute!! Thanks for keeping me abreast of the new Hallmark ornaments.