Oct 9, 2014

Salem Postcard Giveaway

It just wouldn't be October if I wasn't doing a Salem postcard contest!
 Read on to see how you can win one of these postcards.

Salem postcards

There are 13 postcards up for grabs and I will be picking a grand prize winner to win a Mystery Halloween goodie package as well!What's in the Mystery Box? There's a reason it's called Mystery Box! But I think any Halloween fiend will be very happy with it.

Not only are the postcards from Salem but they have also been stamped/cancelled at the Salem post office. All you have to do is use the widget below. At the very least, you must fill out the form with your mailing info. No address, no postcard. I am the only one that will see your info and it will be deleted when the contest ends.

Contest open to US residents only.
Deadline for entry is 11:59pm October 17th.


Halloween Mystery Box
Amber T.

 Aaron M
Amanda M
Belinda B
Brenda S (Hi!)
Eric B
Erick B
John G
Kisah M
Leanne M
Melissa P
Rhonda L
Stacey L
Steph K

Congrats everyone! Thanks for joining in the Halloween fun and reading the blog.

Before you head off to your next house, swing by Halloween Mixes.
They're posting a themed mix album every day of the month!

And of course, check out all the other folks participating in the Countdown to Halloween!


  1. Whoa, those are cool! I love trading cards and cards of all kinds, but I don't have very many post cards. I would love to add one of these to my collection! Thank you!

  2. Count me in brother! oh and i sent you a gmail about those Halloween Hot Wheels.

  3. The worst thing I ever got on Halloween wasn't actually all that bad: a single quarter. I just remember being so disappointed that the guy didn't give me candy--a quarter just isn't very Halloween-y!

    Thank you for the giveaway :)

    -Amber T.- (Entered the giveaway under this name)

  4. Growing up we had a weird, older lady who would give out things like soap, toothbrushes, and combs. Lol. Totally weird!
    Awesome giveaway too by the way :)

  5. Thank you for having this giveaway - the postcards look amazing!

    The worst thing I ever got on Halloween was a lost tooth - from the popcorn ball I tried to bite into like an apple! I was 6 or 7, & it was one of those wrapped popcorn balls from Act, I think, & it was my first popcorn ball - & my last! lol