Oct 15, 2014

Dino Drac Funpack - October 2014

I'm just going to presume anyone reading this knows who Matt/Dinosaur Dracula is and not fanboy all over him. I decided to pull the trigger on his October Fun Pack because Halloween!

In case you're an unfortunate soul that didn't snag one, here's what you missed.
I apologize in advance for the busy background. I thought this table cloth would add some good holiday vibes to the photos but I think sometimes, it takes away from the focus.

Dino Drac Funpack Oct. 2014

I haven't even unpacked the box yet and I already feel like I got my money's worth upon taking in that gorgeous Nightmare on Elm Street sticker book. I definitely had one of those as a kid. OK, kid may be stretching it a bit as I was in my late teens when it came out.

Let's dive right in!

Dino Drac Funpack Oct. 2014 Letter

Matt includes a list of what's in the box as well as an October checklist of eerie things to do to get you in the holiday spirit. The Budweiser sticker is pretty neat, incorporating the sideways hourglass logo into the bat design. Glow sticks are a staple of Halloween and this one even says Halloween on it! What I really like about it are the package graphics. The glowy eyed ghoul emerging from its coffin with red-tipped claws is awesome.

Dino Drac Funpack Oct. 2014 Goodie Bag

Tucked in the upper right of the box is a pumpkin shaped goodie bag with a ghostly doodle attached. In the bag were some candy skeleton parts which did not last long. Hopefully they were from a more recent date than everything else! There's a vintage Stripe sticker card from Gremlins. On top of that is a teeny tiny Pepsi can necklace, which I remember getting a few of as vending machine prizes. And last is a pocket book about "Real" Monsters. None of those fictional creatures in here! I loved books like this as a kid. I was big into spy stuff so anything like this that was of a smaller size was instantly interesting. Add in monsters, and it's home run, out of the park cool.

Dino Drac Funpack Oct. 2014

Next is a McDonald's promotional ad for Halloween gift certificates featuring Roger Rabbit (now on VHS!). As with a lot of things in here, I am amazed that he not only has these relics but that he has enough of them to pack one for everyone that got this Fun Pack!

Dino Drac Funpack Oct. 2014 Misc

Here's mini-poster celebrating the Dino Drac 2014 Halloween Countdown, a Mordle creature, and an official Dino Drac specimen. I'm actually pretty stoked about the specimen. I have an affinity for capsule toys and vintage vending things. Let's take a closer look.

Dino Drac Funpack Oct. 2014

The Monster Pop-A-Bead is hard to photograph because it's so small but you can see some of the detail here. I would have loved to have a few handfuls of these as a kid to make into horrific bracelets or necklaces.

Pop some Hypnocil, kids! We're going to Dreamland...

Dino Drac Funpack Oct. 2014 Nightmare Sticker Book

In addition to the Nightmare sticker book and a pack of stickers (where does he get this stuff?!?), he also included a pair of 3D glasses from Freddy's Dead. I still have my original pair and used them the last time I watched the DVD. The sticker book covers the first three movies. I guess maybe there was too much gore for each movie to have its own book.

Dino Drac Funpack Oct. 2014 Nightmare Sticker Book Cover

Here's the full cover art in all its disturbing glory. As I held this childhood (again, go with me on the child part) relic in my hands and flipped through it, I started thinking about just how messed up the 80s were with marketing R rated properties to a young audience: Aliens, Predator, Robocop, Nightmare. Most of them had action figure lines. Some had trading cards or sticker books. All things generally targeted at kids! Weird.

Dino Drac Funpack Oct. 2014 Nightmare Sticker Book Inside
Kristen hanging out with her friends
And that concludes your tour through the Dino Drac October 2014 Fun Pack. He still offers monthly Fun Packs as a monthly subscription service if you want to get in on the goodness.

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