Oct 11, 2014

Playmobil Vampire Couple

In my Playmobil monster collecting, I somehow missed out on set 5239 from 2012. Lucky for me, Eric at Toyriffic spotted them for me, packed them in some Transylvanian soil, and sent them my way. Thanks, Eric!

Playmobil Vampire Couple

They do make an adorable, if a little evil, looking couple.

Playmobil Vampire 2

Mr. Vamp is rocking a serious pompadour! Maybe he played in a gothabilly band back in the day. He's adorned in the classic vampire suit and cape. I do like how the cape swoops up a bit at the shoulders and the red blood lust in his eyes. He also came with a gold candlestick which I didn't photograph. I mean, he's a vampire, does he really need a candle?

Playmobil Vampiress

Mrs. Vamp is decked out in a pretty purple, black, and gray number with matching crown. Maybe it's a tiara? I don't know my fashionable headgear. Anyway, the really cool thing about her are her wings because they have some swivel articulation. If you go and look back at the first photo, you'll see her wings are down, almost looking like a cape. They're held in place by a simple peg in a hole that allows you to rotate them as if she's flexing her them to fly, or scare some peasant appetizer.

She also comes with a red goblet. Maybe it's a chalice? I'm also not up on the intricacies of formal medieval dinner ware.Although she's not baring fangs and her eyes aren't blood red, there's still something sinister in those Pac-Man like eyes, like she wants to taste you.

They'll be in good company with the rest of my Halloween and monster Playmobil people.

Playmobil Vampire 1
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  1. Great photos!

    It's fortunate I got these when I did, because the educational store which used to be my Playmobil 'go-to' has now closed! :(

    These do look awesome!

  2. That's a bummer but let me know if you're on the hunt for more figs and I can check my TRU.

    1. I still need that darn 50s dress gal, and anyone with a katana (I just need the katana.)