Oct 21, 2014

An Evening with Victoria Price

Last night I attended an event in Salem and had the wonderful experience of meeting Vincent Price's daughter Victoria. I wanted to share it with everyone because it was such a high point of my October. She appeared at a local horror con (Rock N Shock) over the weekend and came to Salem yesterday. While I could have gone to the con, I figured her appearance in Salem would be a more intimate event and since I got tickets, I wouldn't have to wait outside a room at the con in advance to try and get a good seat.

Count Orlock's Nightmare Gallery
Hanging around outside Count Orlok's

The event was put on by Count Orlok's Nightmare Gallery in Salem. If you ever come to Salem, put this at the top of your 'to do' list! The Gallery is an awesome monster museum. I could probably go on about it in a separate post, but photography isn't allowed inside so it would get pretty boring with me telling you what was in there! They have a few photos on their website. The owner, James, was great to chat with and has some good stories to tell.

The event started with a brief tour of the Gallery with Victoria. Along the tour, we stopped at figures of Price from "House of Wax" and "The Abominable Dr. Phibes" as well as a life mask of his. James talked about the pieces and Victoria told anecdotes and answered questions.

Next, we went next door to the Salem local access station. There was a nice little room set up for the 30 or so of us with a seats, a projection screen and a podium. Victoria showed a slide show and talked about her dad for close to an hour. The presentation was called "A Life Well Lived" because that is what he did. He lived life every day. From now on, I'm going to be thinking "WWVPD?". It was very interesting hearing about Price's career. Believe it or not, he struggled to get cast in any school productions! It ended with the below clip, which is hilarious. She thought it best to leave us laughing.

After the talk, we walked a few blocks down to The Scarlet Letter Press for socializing. They have an amazing Poe art exhibition going on, by the way! Victoria was selling her book Vincent Price: A Daughter's Biography, signing autographs, and chatting with us. She also brought some of the new Vincent Price Signature Wines. I don't drink, but I may have to buy a bottle or two just for the art! You can read more about them here.


Victoria showed off a copy of  the cookbook A Treasury of Great Recipes that she found on Etsy for $35, and it was even autographed by Vincent! She sought it out because she didn't want to bring the family copy on the road with her. It is #8 of the top out of print books but a new edition will be released next year for its 50th anniversary. She also mentioned there will be a dark roast coffee coming out soon as well!

She also did a giveaway where we all filled out cards. The cards were also used to put us on the Vincent Price.com mailing list which she personally handles. Every week she sends out a photo from her mother's photo albums and a story to go with it, sort of like a travel log. It sounds like it will be fun to read! The prize drawings were for a copy of her book and a bottle of wine. One of the attendees got drafted into drawing the winners.


After waiting in line and chatting with people for a bit, I was at the her table. I hate meeting celebrities. I always feel insanely awkward! I thanked her for coming out and told her how much I enjoyed the presentation. I also said if I was able to go back in time and meet anyone, that her dad is always at the top of the list. And I wasn't just saying that! I think he and I have a similar sense of humor and he just seems like such a nice person. She said of the 250 people she interviewed for the biography, not a one had a bad thing to say about him.

I had her sign my ticket.

Victoria Price autograph

And we took a photo with her.

Victoria Price

I don't know if any of them will see this but I want to thank Count Orlok's, Scarlet Letter Press, and of course, Victoria Price for an amazing night! If you have the chance to see her on the road, definitely do so!

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  1. How utterly awesome, Dex! I'm so pleased for you! I wish Victoria would come to Australia for some appearances! *le sigh* I would love to get my hands on the wine bottles too. :D

    1. I'm almost positive it's a road tour so I don't think she'll make it your way.

  2. What a fantastic time Dex! I would of loved to have gone to this event.

    1. I was wonderful. I wish I had audio of her talk. She had *so* many stories.